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Sunday, January 23, 2011


January 23, 2011
8:07 PM

Kristel Ocampo applied to us through email. After having a brief interview and chat with her before the shoot itself, we fell in love by this wonderful and confident "engaged" plus size model!

We chose her because of her open-ness to try new things and embrace her body as an instrument of confidence and power!

Here is her interview! Enjoy!

1. Briefly, tell us something about yourself.

Name: Kristel H. Ocampo

Nickname: Tel

Age: 24

College: 2007 Graduate: BSBM Entrep at San Beda College Alabang

2. So what is new with you right now?

3 ground-breaking NEWs for me: I got the job I applied for in an investment house, My boyfriend proposed to me during our 7th year aniv dinner (OMG I'm engaged!! WoohoooOOo!!), and I got accepted as an Erzullie model!!! I'm so happeeeeeeee :D

3. Have you always been interested to fashion? Why or why not?

I admit being a "fashion late bloomer". Ever since I was a kid even upto my college days I was not that interested in clothes. I just relied on my Mom and my Ate's advice on what to wear. The only style I kew that would hide unwanted "bilbil", "braso" and "hita" are 3/4 sleeved shirts and baggy jeans/slacks :x

The moment I started working, I became so addicted to fashion. I've always been a front liner at work that's why I wanted to look more appealing to the clients/customers. I gained confidence, and I wanted to try new things, new styles. I realized that I don't need to limit myself and wear only baggy clothes. With confidence and the right kind of style I can wear anything I want.

4. What is your personal preference with regards to fashion? Are you conservative or liberated? or neither? Why? Describe your general fashion taste.

I am in between as long as i look good and feel comfortable with what i wear. I like fashion that accentuates my curves... Clothes that are not too revealing but shows an appealing shape of my body (sexy! Woot woot!)

5. One fashion item that you cannot live without and why?

I can't live without a hair scrunchie. It tends to get "maalinsangan"/uncomfortably hot most of the time. Kaka wa-poise pag mainit diba? I tie my hair up in such situations in order to keep my cool fashionista mode going! :p

6. Favorite type of clothing.

I love skirts!!! They're so comfy to wear and fun to mix n' match with tops.

7. Boots, heels or flats? Why?

Flats!! You can wear it day and night... Fashionable and comfortable! Like catwalking on air :)

8. What made you try to apply to become one of the Erzullie Icons? Why? What do you think is the meaning of an Erzullie Icon?

Erzullie is not just an ordinary clothing line that caters to the women on the plus side. It's a revolutionized brand with a new sense of style for the plus size fashionistas (or should i say "phatshionistas"? :)

It's hard for a plus size like me to find the style i'd want to achieve..coz in most stores it would be available for small sizes only (boo!!!). I was thrilled when I found out about Erzullie! They literally defined "FIERCE CURVES" with their clothes (SO COOL!!!). I saw the models wanted ad and i applied with no hesitation. I want to be an inspiration for all my plus size sistahs! I want to be part of something great...Something that i believe would be a huge impact to the society.

High fashion is not just for the perfectly measured bodies's for everyone else! That's what Erzullie is all about :)

9. What did you feel when we invited you to become one?

I couldn't believe it! I am super happy and excited!!! :))))

10. As an Erzullie Icon, what do you want to say to the other plus size fashionistas out there? Why?

Let's hear it for the women who don't give a damn about the size printed on the label!! They look and feel good wearing quality clothing :)

(photos by: Emily Loren Opida. HMUA: Acie De Guzman. Styling: Berna Cuevas)