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Thursday, January 20, 2011


JANUARY 20, 2011
8:22 AM

On January 22, 2011, Saturday, Erzullie is going to have a photoshoot for the Summer Collection with not one but TWO ICONS --- Kristel Ocampo and Jaye Querubin.

Originally though, Kristel Ocampo was supposed to be the only Erzullie Icon to be featured this season. She was chosen by the designers of Erzullie for her confidence. One of the requirements of the line was that the model should be able to wear shorts, sleeveless and bathing suits. Although in the interview, Ms. Ocampo stated that it depended on the type of clothing, she assured the line that she will do the best that she can to overcome any fears and represent the brand.

Jaye Querubin is one of the most established (plus size) models in the industry. She has been working with top photographers and designers, as such, Erzullie chose her for her fierce and alluring factor.

Why did we choose to have 2 fascinating women for the collection?

Well for one thing, Bernalyn Cuevas, freelance plus size model, is resting for a while as brand's model image and gearing up for the Holiday 2011 collection, where she will become the head designer. "I want to give other plus size women a chance to represent our division. Also, I have been modelling for the brand for almost two seasons now, so I guess it is time for me to take a rest for a while", Bernalyn announced.

Furthermore, the collection comprises of a lot of fabulous new fashion pieces, so there is a need for at least 2 models for it to be represented properly.

So who else is joining the glamorous shoot?

For a little preview, our photographer is Ms. Emily Opida, owner/designer of Opida Designs, also a freelance photographer. Her photos has been featured by magazines already, so we are very excited to have this opportunity with her.

Our hair and make up artist is our own Acie De Guzman. She works for one of the luxurious salons in the Philippines, Menage Salon in Trinoma. She has worked on a lot of celebrities already like Kristine H. and Alodia G.

Styling will be done by Berna and Me of course! ;)

So expect a double icon post soon! We wrote 2 articles for them already! Watch out for the sizzling articles and get inspired! ^^

Want to become one of the erzullie icons? Here is the link:

Aries De Guzman