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Monday, January 31, 2011


January 31, 2011
10:37 am

This week, Erzullie has a lot of activity. Later on I have a meeting with Cinderella. Tomorrow, a delivery to Sueno, Makati. Wednesday, files organization. Thursday, Cinderella pick up, preparation for the fashion show. Friday, Final preparations for the fashion show as well as the fashion show day itself!!! @_@

I think I will only be able to breathe by saturday! ^^ Actually, by saturday, I have to do some obligations for the line as well --- articles, blogs, press release, requirements to our beloved fashion group ---

Hehehe. It's fun to have a very creative life. Everyday, we create new things! I just love it. ^^ It's amazing. We feel very blessed about this. The brand has never been this active! ^^

Afterwards... a new collection is about to be released. ^^ However, we might postpone it a little bit. Supposedly every month, we will be releasing a new one. However, fashion, for it to be truly, delectable... takes time. ^^ We might release a new one by March 2011. ^^ Cheers!

With full of love and happiness,

Aries De Guzman