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Sunday, January 23, 2011


January 23, 2011
7:02 pm

Jaye Querubin is one of the Erzullie Icons chosen for this Summer Collection 2011. She was chosen for her irresistable charisma and her natural Angelina Jolie aura of sexiness and mystery.
An independent, sexy, plus size model. What more can we ask for?

Here is her interview! Enjoy! ^^

1. Tell something more about yourself.
My name is JOVY ANNE VALDECANTOS QUERUBIN. I graduated with the degree of AB-Political Science from De LaSalle University-Manila (batch 105) and now, I'm currently enrolled as a Law Student at De LaSalle University-Manila College of Law. I used to work as a Fraud Analyst back in 2009.
I'm a freelance model and a graphic artist as well. I'm quite sporty, I play Volley Ball and join Fun Runs
and Travelling and going to Beaches is what I love to do the most. :)

2. You are also a model right? What made you venture into modelling and why?
Yes. I think it all came about when I used to look at photos on the internet and imitate them when I get the chance. My friends and I used to stage a "pseudo" photoshoot, like you know make poses and all infront of the
camera and edit them with photoshop to make it look professionally done, I've always wanted to join those magazine searches but I never really got the confidence to do so, I have always thought of myself as unattractive and never really thought of myself as model potential.
A friend offered to shoot for a "setcard" for me just for fun, and when I posted the album in my Multiply site, that's when I got discovered. I used to think that I'd have to be model thin to become a model, but I was mistaken. It was not necessary because models are given flexible roles to whichever suited the client's needs. It was through these experiences and projects that
are realized how diverse people are and it's definitely all up to you how you make out of your modelling career.

3. What big projects did you have so
far and how is the experience as a model?

Well my first ever poster and print ad was for the T-Shirt Project Company, specifically that of the Trinoma Branch, I was so ecstatic when I saw it I had to have my photo taken infront of the shop and people where looking at me like I'm a mad man. haha!

Most of my projects consisted of different roles, my first commercial was for ETC promotion of "Ambush" and my first two Magazine exposure was for YOU Magazine and G Magazine as well.

Online magazines such as that of and Glance Magazine had me featured as well. I had two Nouveute Fashion Shows and modelled for several Fashion Designers too. I guess The last big project I did as a regular sized model was for the International Shu Uemura Make-UP Competition which I luckily won. Yey!

Basically, to tell you guys the truth, modelling has been a Roller Coaster ride for me. I had all the misconceptions in the world about it and I believe that everyone especially aspiring models should realize them too.

Modelling is not a just a job, not just for the sake of popularity, rather it's a craft that requires passion and extremely hard work. It's also a battle against yourself because in modelling, there are many many times that you'd be discouraged and frankly not all people would support you or like your work or want to have you as their model, but then again, I have proven that if you really have the passion and desire for it, you can never go wrong, as long as your heart is in it completely and you firmly believe in what you can do. :)

4. As a plus size model, do you get intimidated with regular size ones? Why or Why not? If not, how do you get over it?

I used to be a regular sized model, before I got into plus sized modelling I was afraid to gain weight and all that, When I gained weight I was devastated at first and I failed to appreciate what I had,It was nerve wracking considering that I know personally deep within me that I have so much talent to give and so much potential in me.

Honestly, When I came across Ate Raisa and Ate Berna's Site looking for pluz-sized models, I was a bit hesitant at First but I decided to to give it a try anyway, when I finally had the courage to attend the go-see, I was
totally overwhelmed by the warm welcome they gave me, no inhibitions, no insecurities and pure love for ones beauty is what I saw.

My SPDC--as it was then called--family, however, was more than enough to help me get over my inhibitions and forget my insecurities, i thought it would be harder on my part considering the fact that I've been into
modelling for almost two years as a regular sized model, But it was amazing how easy it was to be with them. Even more, I learned how to embrace what i have and love my body. I learned there's no such thing as standard beauty, so long as you have the confidence to flaunt it and you have the heart and passion to love what you're doing then you can never go wrong. :)

5. What is the most daring project that you have done as a model? Did some insecurities get in the way? How did you work it out?

I'M A VERY DARING INDIVIDIUAL hahaha. Kidding. I guess the most daring would be to pose half nude for the Spanish School which launched in Manila back then, "Instituto Cervantes", they had the artsy concept of having all forms and types of the body featured in the art gallery.

Aside from that several portfolios for well known photographers have taken some daring photos which involved me in a corset and black underwear and cleavage bearing clothing, but it was all glamorous and fun. Oh there's quite alot if you see my portfolio and honestly I did not have the easiest time to adjust to it at first you know, It was as if everyone's eyes is on you.

What I have as a technique for myself is to psych myself up and practice a week before the shoot. It's very helpful considering that you have a week to observe yourself and love every inch of your body, and such preparation proved to be helpful for me. If ever faced with shoots without any time to prepare however, I always make it a point to look at the mirror and tell my self i can do it. It looks funny when you talk to yourself alone, but trust me it will all be worth it.

Feeling good as always as much as looking good in the camera, the photos will reflect the true inner feelings that you have, if you're insecured and nervous it would definitely show, so better be ready for it in your own way right?

6. As a woman, how do you take care of yourself? Why do you think it's important?

I always believe that loving yourself does not mean totally disregarding the fact that there are things that you need to consider about your body, ofcourse just like when something is lacking, too much is also a bad thing, so I guess, I tend to, or atleast try to--haha. sorry law students hardly ever have the time to sleep let alone take care of themselves much.--make sure that my body still gets what it deserves.

Try to have enough sleep, exfoliate and indulge in good long baths, don't try to starve your self to death (trust me you wouldn't want to collapse around LRT stations. It's highly embrassing! haha.) but try not to over eat as well, and I think it's also nice to engage in sports, I like running--we i learned to like it anyway haha. And ofcourse, love your self, find a way to ensure that you accept and love what you have and flaunt it :)

7. What is your fashion philosophy? Explain.

Well, mine is quite simple. Anything that reflects your personality and the feeling you have at the moment would do. For me, I like looking Elegant with small details such as accesories and make up, but i'd like to keep my feet on the ground by not wearing something too flashy for anyone's taste except lady gaga i guess. haha. :) I love high heels too. REALLY High Heels, believe me, with those babies you can NEVER go wrong, i believe that a lady should always wear one when they can, because it does not only add height or length to your legs, it also gives you elite and confident feeling. Try it!

8. What do you think an Erzullie Icon is? Explain

For me, An Erzullie Icon is someone who serves as a examples to all the women out there. An Erzullie Icon shows (sometimes I rub the thought in. haha.) Whoever you are, where ever you came from, what ever you've done and how ever you look like, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And nobody can take that away from you. They are just few of the people who can testify and inform every single woman out there that the ONLY enemy is INSECURITY.

I firmly believe, that one has to have acceptance and real and full understanding of what one has to finally accept their inner beauty. And so Erzullie Icons are featured to show exactly what it means to love ones body and turn their so called imperfections to their assets. As I have always said, those so called "imperfections" are what makes one unique and irreplaceable, thereby making one PERFECT in their own way, it's just a matter of finding oneself in the process and having that inspiration through the help of these featured Icons.

9. Why do you think the designers chose you as an Erzullie Icon this Summer 2011?

Honestly? I don't know. haha. Well, modesty aside, I believe that the Erzullie Designers chose me as the featured Icon for this summer because I have always exuded confidence and passion in everything that I do.

I truly think that I can be a tool or rather a great example, not only for inspiring models in any field of genre but also for all the women out there with all the things I had to go through as a model, having to battle insecurities and self-esteem issues all that time before.

I believe that I am the perfect example of making everyone aware that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and no matter what anyone tells you negatively, All that matters is how you look at yourself and how you feel about it. I mean don't get me wrong, i have imperfections too, but I never let it get to me as much as it has before, because if I do, then I'd never be able to look at my self any differently, hence no love and acceptance can happen. :)

I'm always hoping that my SPDC & Erzullie Family would always know that making women all over the world realize their true beauty and potentional is something I would always be proud of doing. :)

10. As an Erzullie Icon, do you have any inspirational message to all other plus size fashionistas out there?

As i have constantly said.IF YOU HAVE IT. FLAUNT IT. It's NEVER too late to Love yourself and your "Dangerous Curves" as one blog calls it. YOU MUST KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and whatever it is that you call as your "Imperfections" are the ones which makes you PERFECT for nobody else has such feature. More importantly, Being Plus size CAN NEVER be a hindrance to your fashion sense.. Who says onlt skinny girls can wear anything they want to?! WE CAN TOO and I can guarantee We'd look hot and sexy wearing what we want!

(Photos by Emily Loren Opida. HMUA: Acie De Guzman. Styling: Bernalyn Cuevas)