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Saturday, February 5, 2011


FEBRUARY 5, 2011
5:36 PM

It took me some time before I can actually blog about the fashion show. Words really pass by me whenever I would think about that night. It started out with me, expecting nothing about it. Me and Ms. Acie was even joking about it. It's like as if there was no event. We were not panicking. We were hanging out waiting for the car to arrive, I have to pick up one of my models in eastwood, Cat Catapia.

Then panick sets in when it's almost 8:30pm and we are still doing hair and make up...

Then angst came in when I saw the sea of red lights on the road...

Then shame hits my face when my other models were already there and I am stuck in that sea of red lights...

I was thinking about the press and how they'd view me, 1/2 of the designer team, for being late... Gah! @_@ Super unprofessional? --- scary thought.

However, we just got there in time. It was around 10 in the evening. We got the rest of the models dressed up and guests started to arrive one by one or by droves.

The S Lounge was filled up with just the right amount of crowd. My models were mingling with guests as well as the press. Photo ops here and there. It was really such a great moment for the brand.

The fashion show went well we started it around 11:50 pm. And, the rest was a fashionable history. ^^ So far, I have heard from my guests a lot of congratulations and "great job" with the clothes and the show itself.

Champagne bottles were popped and drinks were down to their bottoms... Overall it was such a great event of mingling. The even was filled with great people --- designers, photographers, press people, fashionable people, friends, family, stylists and fans of Erzulie.

In my mind, we have finally cemented the fact that Erzullie is a moderate to high fashion plus size line.

I would like to thank all of my models:

Kat Catapia, Jaye Querubin, Pao Deleoz, Vannie Alariao, Aisheryl Artates and Laudale Zabala for being my immediate muses/models.

I would also like to thank our in house Hair and Make Up Theme: Acie De Guzman and Ms. Jopie (spelling?)

Ms. Cacay (hahaha as I have blogged earlier... super thank you) and the Fabric Group.

For the press people that went there, Ms. Daphne of FBTL Manila and MSS people -- Tinee and Ghino.

And the rest of the guests... you guys are the best! ^^

to see party pictures click this link:

'til next show?


Aries De Guzman