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Monday, February 14, 2011


FEBRUARY 14, 2011
10:09 AM

Today is love day. I would like to extend my love to all the people that has been supporting our cause as a Fashion Line by giving them gratitude. Furthermore, I just want to post about Self-Love, which is the main purpose of this whole line. Below are the things that you can do for yourself, to show some self-love:

1. Buy something for yourself.

I'm pretty sure that you lovely ladies, have been so generous to other people. Why not buy one thing for yourself right?

It can be a book about love, a movie ticket to a movie that you want to go to, a cd... etc. Anything that you want.

2. Pamper yourself.

A simple mani or pedi will do it just right! I personally love, Perfectly Posh Nail Salon in Sta. Lucia, Cainta (for those who are in a budget) or if you want to treat the inner diva in you, head to DASHING DIVA in either Rockwell or Eastwood Mall.

If you want something intimate, why not get a spa treatment? I would love to recommend blue water day spa in Eastwood City. I have tried one of their treatments and I just want to say that the ambiance is great! It's really silent and you can definitely hear yourself breathing!

Another spa that I love is Relaksasi (they have closed in my nearby mall though @_@) but their treatments are really great and relaxing. You have your own shower so it's really private and intimate.

If you are a girl in a budget, why not have a self-love spa in your home? Yesterday, me and Berna have done our hair, body and face! It doesn't cost as much. ^^ I recommend that milk and salt scrub by watsons! (Php 89.00), coupled with Vaseline body wash (the red one... Php 24.00 refill pack) and a mud mask!!! (I forgot the name but I have a favorite one. It's in a red packet with a girl on it with blue mask. it does wonders on my face! Only costs Php 89.00 I think). For my hair, I had Vaseline Shampoo and cream silk weekly repair treatment.

I came out soft and feeling beautiful! hehehehe.

3. Cook something for yourself.

There is something satisfying about cooking yourself your own meal. Specially when it came fresh from the grocery or a market and from cleaning to cooking to serving you did it yourself! Personally, i feel so much love there for myself. It's like I have prepared myself a meal that a queen should have! (tee-hee! lifting my chair definitely).

I want to make this article short and sweet so I am going to stop at three. The list can go on but at the end of the day, this love day is also about you. SO ASK YOURSELF, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY???


Aries De Guzman