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Thursday, September 8, 2011


SEPTEMBER 08, 2011
8:10 AM


Black is a staple for all curvies because of it's various abilities to shape and slim our body types. Sometimes we even go overboard and wear black HEAD TO TOE. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but here are tips and tricks that you can improve on an all black ensemble. All of which is based on Erzullie Icon Marian Beltran's Yule 2011 photo above.

Pop! Goes The Color!

One way of updating the all black ensemble look is to use pops of color. It can be through your hair, accessories or bags. Choose colors that are not in the gray or brown color family and you are good to go!

As you can see in the photo of Marian above, she wore red high heels and red lipstick! (so yes even a pop of color in the make up would be great!) She also wore a silver necklace that just pops on her stomach area. 

Pops of color, breaks the monotony of the outfit and brings out the youthfulness of it. It sends a message of little pops of surprises and adds fun to it.

Plain + Plain = Plain; Plain + Details = Upgrade

I usually see curvies that wear tops and bottoms that are black and plain (no detailing whatsoever) together.  Again, there is nothing wrong with it. Eh kung feel mo di ba? Sino ba ako?!?!? Hehehehe.

But, one way to add "sass" to this would be to pair one plain top/bottom with one that has detailing.

What do I mean by detailing? It can be the texture of the cloth, the buttons, the stitching, the lines etc of the clothing. 

Look at the photo above again. Marian is wearing plain black sando and she paired it with black 3/4 length pants that has a drawstring and detailing on the front. Although it is not immediately noticeable, when the eyes of the onlooker gets fixated on you, your outfit has a lot more going on than just "black". In this outfit, the frills, created by the drawstring of the bottom, has broken the normal tone of the ensemble.

Show yourself!  

You are already wearing all black head to toe... I am pretty sure you have already visually reduced a size, but this blog is about amping your curves, so WHY NOT SHOW SOME SKIN?

If you have great looking skin, have some pride and show a little to the world! In this way, people can still see the beautiful curvy you! Also, skin showing for this ensemble says "the black is not wearing you, YOU are wearing the black."

You can also tie your hair back to reveal more of your face. (Another way would be to curl it away from your face.) Us, Filipinas, usually have black hair, so that's another part of our black wardrobe. Minimizing it a little would definitely lighten up this dark outfit and show more of the fabulous you!

Keep it a little fit

Most curvies have this notion that "the looser, the better". Not entirely so, specifically with black. Why? It can actually blow you out of proportion even more. How? Think of Batman's cape. Great example huh? Another one would be, think of a white bond paper with a black oval and a thin black line. Obviously, the think black line looks slimmer. It's also in the size!

You can fully maximize the "slimming and shaping" effect of the black when it's a little fitting to your body. As such, one way of updating the all black look would be wear the right fit for it, and not loose.

In summary

So if you want to rock the all black, make sure you remember these tips to add sass to it: use colorful accessories or shoes, chose one with details and one plain, show some skin and keep it fit!

Hope that this would help you girls!


Aries De Guzman