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Thursday, September 22, 2011


SEPTEMBER 22, 2011
11:27 AM


How Big is Big? How Small is Small? How do I know if I have a narrow waist or long waist?

I know that the human body is so fascinating because of its uniqueness. That is why at times, it is so confusing on determining what kind of body we do have.

So before we get started, here are some notes that you need to know.


NOTE 1:It's about the proportion

You might be asking, how big is big? How small is Small? How long is long and so on...

Well I am here to tell you that this article is about PERSONALIZATION... for the purposes of this article, there is no particular "industry" standard that we are going to follow, only yours. You are now the queen of the world, so you are the standard.

As such, sexy being, when we determine the big and small, the narrow and the long etc. we will see it in accordance to your whole body.

NOTE 2: All we need is honesty and love

Do we need tape measure? It's optional actually. However, what we do need is honesty and a lot of self-love. When you look at your body, let's just be honest to ourselves about our body shape. Let's not lie to ourselves by thinking we are TOO FAT or TOO THIN etc. Let's just see it as it is.

We tend to judge it also in a negative way (all women have been there) but remember to shower yourself with love and acceptance. This is you and you are beautiful.

All right, so now that we are done with the notes, let's start!


It actually helps that you have a correct full body mirror. Remember, there are some mirrors that are not aligned properly and will show a bigger or a smaller you. So in selecting a full body mirror, select the correct one where you body is shown as it is and not blown up and slimmed down.

When you have the correct full body mirror, grab a pen and paper stand in front of it wearing only your panties (or non if you like... sizzle! lol).


Examine your body into 7 parts:

1. Arms
2. Shoulders
3. Boobs
4. Waist

5. Tummy
6. Hips

7. Thighs

Look at your body in GENERAL. Find the biggest part of your body and again, remember to love it. Do not think that you are ugly and fat or else just stop there and don't do this. This exercise is meant to empower you as a curvy woman. If you feel otherwise, then just postpone this exercise for now and do this again when you are ready. No harm done. Remember! It's about personalization!

However, if you are ready, continue and then with that reference (which one is the biggest part of your body) Which is smaller than that? Then smaller than that? until the smallest part of the 6 areas. So it's like descending.

A personal example is that my biggest body part are my boobs. Next to it are my shoulders, then arms, thighs then hips. My smallest part are my waist. (I know I have said that I am an inverted triangle before. However, after analyzing my body more, it seems like that term is limited already --- thus this new article).

Obviously, I have discovered that I am not just an inverted triangle. I am definitely something else that we will be discussing soon! ^^ 


One thing that I love about our curvy body is because of the flow of our body. The eyes of the onlooker can literally trail off all over our curves, that if done right, can create a very sensual and sultry aura.

Now that you know the biggest and smallest part of your body, look at your body again and see how it flows. What shape does it make? For now, you can describe it in anyway that you can --- may it be in letters, objects or things.

Is it south bound heavy?

Is it north bound heavy?

Is it middle heavy?

Is it heavy all over?

Is it heavy in both north and south?

Take note of these.

FINAL LOVE NOTE: With great knowledge, comes great fashion powerNow that you fully know your body, you will know where to place more volume, physical and/visual (the smallest part) and where you can place minimizing effects (physical/visual) the biggest parts.

Remember that the aim of any great style is about bringing about your natural and proportional body shape in color(s) that suits you or your mood.

This will come in handy with the rest of the Body Type Series. Keep your note and also know that your body shape changes from time to time. We gain and lose weight without our notice, so remember to look and adore your body from time to time!


Aries De Guzman