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Monday, September 12, 2011


SEPTEMBER 12, 2011
1:18 PM


It's a beautiful beach day in Dakak and there are some people playing or lounging at the beach. I sat on the sand, wearing a two piece bathing suit, shorts and cover up. I saw that some of the women are wearing bikinis in different ways. Some are wearing it as it is. Some are wearing it with shorts. Some are wearing it with cover ups.

Mind you. These women are of different shapes, sizes and color. Some have bilbil (love handles). Some have abs. Some has the perfect skin. Some has some scars. The list can go on in describing them. These women are so diverse in their own way, yet, in a non-manyak (non-malicious) way, I find them all beautiful, hot and sexy.

In fact, if you go on the books on this one, some of them are choosing the wrong bathing suits for their shape. But hell, they are wearing it anyway.

There are also some men out there, of course, wearing bikinis! the usual swim shorts. I have observed them to see if they would be bothered by any of the usually perceived flaws of women, by women --- the bilbils  (love handles). Funny enough. These men were just swimming. They acted normal. They didn't avoid them.

They were just there.

Then it struck me. Do people still care that a curvy is in a bikini?So, for the sake of the experiment. I have taken off my cover up and shorts. I pray that my sister would not read this. Ha! She'd kill me but for the sake of knowing, I did it.

I asked Berna to take a photo of me and this is what I look like:

Yes, people. That is me. The only thing edited is the color. I turned it black and white. However, I am sure that you can still see my big arms, thighs, love handles (folded unto my bikini) and stretch marks (if you look closer).

As I sat there in the beach with this ensemble, I observed if the guy sitting five (5) empty lounge chairs away from me would stair at me and scrutinize what I am wearing. He looked at me but never said a word. There were people in the cafe bar by the beach. They looked but said nothing. 

In fact, no one said anything.

I have realized at that moment that, no one will ever say a word. Should they say some (good or bad), no one will go straight to you, point it out and say it directly.

I guess, should there be someone like that (going directly to you and saying things about what you're wearing) it is just you inside your head.

Oh, my (insert any part of the female body here) are too big!

Guess what sweetie, the rest of the female race feel that way! Even the skinny people have the tendency that any of their body parts are too big for their whole body.

Also, if you think that that body part is too big, the tendency is someone has it bigger or... it's not really that big as you think.

I am ashamed. I have stretch marks!

If you are a mother already, why are you ashamed for having them? You gave life to this earth! Hell, those stretch marks are trophies! Mahirap kaya ang magbuntis ang magluwal ng bata sa mundo. (Being pregnant and giving birth is hard!)

If you haven't, then you should know ALL WOMEN, one way or another, have stretchmarks. The reason that you think other women do not have it is because well... you are too busy to think about it anyway, as much as the rest of the human race is also too busy to think that you have stretchmarks.

As such, stretch marks are 'invisible' to and in anyone --- until you point it out. In fact, I am pretty sure that when you saw my photo above, you'd immediately think of everything else first, before that fact --- because I pointed it out.

Also, if you think that having stretchmarks are ugly... so are you thinking of the same thing for the rest of the female race? Not really.

I can't do it. I have bilbil (love handles).

I have bilbil because I am fat. And I have realized at that moment, sino ba ang wala? (who doesn't have it?) I bet even skinny people "think" that they have it. So what is the point of being conscious about it?

Babae tayong lahat. May bilbil man o wala. SEKSI. (We are all women. Love handles or not.We are all sexy.)

Also, for me... even if you wear a one piece bathing suit, surfing kind etc. any kind of swim wear, it will hug your body and your bilbil will show. Good thing though, it's the beach, every one will be too busy with their beach activities or even better... their own beachwear insecurities, they won't point that out.

Furthermore, I am just a normal person. No one would actually care if I have it.

Anong iisipin ng tao? (What will people think?)

It's the beach. They are all strangers. Most probably, they will not remember you, vice versa. They will think of something good/bad but you are not psychic (I assume... if you are, admit it, sometimes our intuitions is wrong) you will never REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY, DEFINITELY know what they are thinking --- until you ask them.

Of course, you are also too fabulous and normal enough to know not to go to a total stranger and ask him/her "How do I look?" (like the show). So, the only comment (good or bad) that you can know is from your own head. So, be kind to yourself.

For short....

No one really cares what you look like in your swimwear (bikini or not)... only you. So get out there, wearing what you want to wear and care only about what you think of yourself.

Spiritual hugs!

Aries De Guzman
Proud to be Plus