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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


September 28, 2011
4:42 pm

"Before this whole Erzullie experience, I would've covered myself 
with whatever I could find in my closet."
-Marian  Beltran, on before she became an Erzullie Icon

Ever wondered what happened to Erzullie Icon, Marian Beltran after Resort 2011? Or what did she think and feel after she got called back by Erzullie? 

Erzullie Icon Marian Beltran shares her thoughts in this inspiring new interview!

1. After your first Erzullie Icon photoshoot and the release of the 2nd half of the Resort 2011 Collection, what happened?

Nothing much has happened, really. *laughs* Well, I got into this Harry Potter obsession. Other than that, nothing else... hehehe

2. Did you notice any change with yourself? What are these?

I noticed a grave change with my confidence. I became sexier and more daring with what I wore. Like, for example, the last time we went out, I was wearing sleeveless with fierce knee high boots. Before this whole Erzullie experience, I would've covered myself with whatever I could find in my closet. I feel that Erzullie has provided me with so many opportunities, not only in the fashion industry, but in my personal life as well. :]

3. When you were asked to come back for Yule 2011, what were your thoughts?

My thoughts were "THANK GOD!" *laughs* I wanted for the creators, Aries and Berna to want to have me back for their next collection that I was consistently bugging my partner with my anxieties. When Aries sent me a message on Facebook, I let out a small shriek and told everyone in the room (even those who didn't care) that I have just been asked to come back for the next collection.


4. You were also working with 3 new Icons, what were your thoughts? How was it working for them?

Since I found out that Aries picked new icons, I immediately wanted to bring my A-Game. I watched and research on more fashionable poses that I can do. I even made a whole concept of what the photo shoot would probably be like. hehehe. In a way, I was afraid that I might not be able to deliver as good or as well as they would. Most especially since I saw their pictures during the teaser for the new icons.

However, on the day of the fitting, it was so refreshing to know how nice and friendly they are. I immediately found out what Aries saw in them and I felt honored that I will be working with such empowering women.

5. What can you say about each of the 3 new Icons? Were they great? Why do you think that they were right for the roles of Erzullie Icons?

They were awesome! Personality wise, they were all very much kalog and funny. During the pre-production, there was never a dull moment with them. I think they were right to be chosen as icons because they do embody what Erzullie aims to portray -- strong, relatable women who are confident with the gift that they have been given.

6. After this experience, the Yule 2011, what lessons with regards to being a plus size woman, did you get?

I learnt that plus size women literally come in all shapes, sizes and packages. We, as women, embody different physical attributes that add up to our personality. It's how we carry our confidence and package ourselves that really does affect how we are perceived in the general media.

I mean, if you think of yourself as invincible, powerful and confident, then that is what other people will really see. Like what I said in the previous interview, embodying these thoughts will eventually shine through for everyone to notice. :]