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Monday, September 19, 2011


SEPTEMBER 19, 2011
10:32 AM


I have realized that I have been wearing a lot of our current collection recently. So I have decided to spice things up by taking on the Holiday 2010 collection (our maiden collection!). The sun was hot outside and it was such a breezy day. It reminded me of the H10-0010 HOLIDAY 2011 SKIRT . So I took it out and started experimenting on the look. (See photo below for the skirt)

Then I have found this fabulous light neutral top and combined it together. Check it out!

In actual:

This look would work best with inverted triangles like me. (Inverted triangles = big arms, big boobs, small waist and small hips). Mainly because it adds volume to the lower part of my body making it look proportional to the rest of my body. ^^

For ladies with big arms, small boobs, big tummy and big hips, you can rock this look as long as there is something that would beef up your boob area. Wear super detailed and beefy necklaces that reaches only your boobs part and no longer.

For ladies with big arms, boobs, tummy and hips (all of which are of the same width) this would be great as it can also help you create a waistline. just add a belt and pull out a little over the top to give you an extra division, visual wise.

Hour glass girls (boobs, bigger than the mass of the arms, tiny waist and hips as big as boobs in width) may also love this to elongate their waist lines.

Style Tip! I am actually a short girl. So what I did with the skirt, since it ends under my knee, I have folded it from the garter top to shorten the length of the skirt. This way, I have elongated my legs a little by showing more of them.

Hope you personalize this and rock your own golden attire!


Aries De Guzman
Plus Size Stylist