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Monday, September 19, 2011


SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

One thing that I love about Erzullie bazaars is that I get to dress up for my clients. ^^ Aba, siyempre gusto ko naman mukhang tao ang makikita ninyo doon! Hehehe (Of course, I want to look like a person when you girls see me!)

I wore the H11-0037W LEGGINGS, which is a printed white leggings with garter on the side.

This printed leggings is actually great for those who need to volumenize their hips and thighs. Curvies who does not have enough meat in the glutinous maximus, rejoice! Wear this leggings because it will visually enlarge and curve your "ass"ets.

It can also be worn by Hour Glass figures as long as they wear a plain loose top (to amp up the volume on the north as well).

Triangle ladies (small boobs and arms, big tummy, hips and thighs), can wear this but Select a top that will go over your Beyonce (my other word for butt). Make sure to amp up the volume on your arms by wearing details on your shoulders or wearing a boat collared top. Try neutrals as well to help you visually enlarge your upper part.

Berna wore the H11-0044 TOP, a superstar in the Port 88 Bazaar. It is actually a brown printed cowl Neck top with Handkerchief sleeves.


I have mentioned this before that this is great for triangle ladies, as it has a cowl neck that will make your boobs look proportional/bigger than your tummy. H-Ladies (Ladies with boobs, waist and hips of the same width) can also benefit from this as the cut of this top is actually curved on the side (designed to create a waist line). Add a belt to create more distinction.

Fashion love,

Aries De Guzman
Proud to be Plus