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Saturday, September 3, 2011


SEPTEMBER 03, 2011
8:30 AM


Dresses for curvies are on the rise nowadays, but the usual question is, can really big girls (and there is nothing wrong with being big, remember!) still rock the frock?

Obviously, this blog will say YES!!!!

The trick is to find a dress that would contour (I know I have kept on using this word... expect me to use more of it soon! Hahaha) your curves the right way. You can find that out through two things:

1. The Style of the Clothing

2. The Cloth used in the Style... (of the clothing... haha!)

Why the photo above works! (Hour glass!)

Believe it or not, Berna (in the photo above) is a size 3L in that dress. She has big boobs, big hips and a waist that just really cuts off in the middle. (It is also good to note that Berna is not wearing any shape wear. So that is all natural body shape baby!) In this aspect, you can definitely say that she is an hour glass. So let us test our theory!

1. Style of the Clothing --- the dress above fits Berna because it has emphasized her waist a little bit more. It helped her "cut off" her body, revealing that there is a top and a bottom. From that, we can see the curves of her northbound (boobs) and southbound (the great beyonce boo-teh!) to be really curvy and sultry!

2. The Cloth used --- the upper part of the dress is shiny and soft, while the bottom part is a little bit restraining. 

This is great for her because the top part flatters her big arms (Yes! She does have big arms!). The sleeves' soft and shiny flow gives her a sleek look for her shoulders. The ruched part of the top of the dress, emphasizes and curves her boobs more. This gives a sexier and more sultry look!  

The bottom part of the dress is actually a little bit stronger in restraint. This is great because it contours her figure even better giving her a softer and smoother southbound area.

Other Body Types

For the ladies with the bountiful middle part (tummy), (small boobs, big tummy/no waist, small hips) do not fear! You can still rock a very sexy look without embracing the A-LINE or empire cut dress! (The usual artillery, although there is nothing wrong with that! If you love it, then do it! ^^ ) 

My suggestion is to get a dress like this!


(The Style) It has detailing on the upper area and the lower area. Making the eyes of the onlooker go directly on them (your shoulders and legs). However, do not follow the photo above as this is for a different body type. Putting on a thick belt for you body type will out balance the ensemble! Put on a thin belt in the middle, tuck the dress out a little on the upper part and viola! Instant curvy goodness!

(The Cloth) This dress is soft to the touch and very stretchable, therefore it will hang perfectly on your upper area creating a broadened shoulder, and your tummy! Balancing your hips with it!

For the ladies that does not have any waist at all (your boobs, tummy/waist, hips are all of the same width), get dresses that emphasize that area and broadens your upper and southern parts! Now, there are dresses that actually has a built in waist or belt, wherein you tie them up at the back with a ribbon... that does not necessarily equate as your goldmine because if the upper and lower part is not broadening your other parts, then you end up with not having a waist still. 

Example of a great dress that would fit your curve would be this one!

(The Style) As you can see here, this is great for curvies as the print is small and tiny giving your more room to emphasize on your body shape and not the other way around! Observe the illusion of instant waist in this one. The dress emphasizes the shoulders because of the sleeves, while the lower part is broadened because of the shearing of the skirt part. In the middle, although there is no emphasizing print there, the dress is cut off into two parts. 

(The Cloth) The cloth used on this dress is chiffon like, definitely flowy and soft. The frills of this dress will fall gently on the necessary body parts giving more emphasis on them. As you move, the details move as well (except the cut at the waist part) drawing the eyes towards those parts, the perception then is on both lower and upper part (less the waist) equals curvy!

It is also not stretchy, so you know that it will keep the emphasis on check each and every time. This is where stretch is not your best friend! 

Erzullie Icon Marian (the one at the lower right of the photo) is actually just like you. Her upper, middle and lower part areas are all the same in width. I actually love this body type because it's like a blank canvass for me! You can put anything bongga on top and bottom only and you are done! Also, look at how the dress created her that instant waist! Even from the afar, you can see a little cut in the middle. This is what you are aiming for. 

For the ladies that has small boobs but big middle and lower parts, the trick is also to find a dress that would balance out your upper part with your lower. This is where the empire cut will absolutely NOT flatter you. It will make you look bigger on the lower area because of the "bell" effect of the skirt. Try experimenting with prints that would work with you. See the example below!

Focus on Erzullie Icon Khriselda Guarin for a moment. She is actually like you! She has small boobs, big tummy and hips. However, you can see here that it seems like she has boobs that jives with the size of her other body parts (it's like she has the same boob size as Berna, but believe me when I say, it's not the case!). 

(The Style) This is because of the illusion of the print. It's light at the top (which also has detailing with the abstract collar) while in the middle there is a dark area, giving the illusion of the "cut of the dress in the middle". Placing a thin belt in the middle of the same color (black) gives an extra cinch! In addition, the belle sleeve also gives more "bulk" in the upper part, giving it a more balanced view with the lower. 

(The Cloth) The cloth used in this dress is stretchy and flowy at the same time. Because of it's stretchy nature, it falls on her curves and tames the lower part. Then because of the belle sleeve and its flowy characteristic, it adds more emphasis on the north area. Whenever you move, the attention is going to be drawn there, balancing you with your south bound.

So what I am saying is that for women that has body types like Khris, get dresses that draws attention away from your waist down and into your upper part. Your body parts from the waist down is curvy enough to be balanced out with whatever is at top.

And that is it ladies!

I hope that this medium sized article has helped you in selecting the right dress to sexify you!


Viva Erzullie!

For the love of curvy women everywhere,

Aries De Guzman
Proud Curvy Stylist!