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Monday, September 26, 2011


SEPTEMBER 26, 2011
7:25 PM


Last week was such a jam packed week. We had a commercial and a bazaar at the same time. Although it was tiring, it was definitely a lot of fun. 

I think napagod lang talaga ako kakatawa with the Icons, Marian Beltran, Jhaki David and Khriselda Guarin. (I just got tired laughing so hard with the Icons, Marian Beltran, Jhaki David and Khriselda Guarin.) Honestly, the jokes kept on rolling, we were almost late in our schedule! Hehehe.

At the bazaar, well it's the same thing, aside from catering to our customers, I also had a laugh trip with the sexy ladies of Rome (Christine and Jezl), 1/2 of my favorite down to earth bazaar neighbor, Peace, Love and Fashion, Ingrid, the one and only Diana of Flattering Tops and of course, my new friend, Acha of Pirouette!

Anyway, this monday, Berna and I had a meeting in our favorite place, Figaro. I actually wanted to wear something soft, comfortable and a little warm because of the weather. So I wore a golden brown chaleco shawl from the Holiday 2011 collection.

To be honest, this type of outerwear is not really great on me because it actually make me loose my natural shape. So I made a little "fashion cheat!" I took a thin belt and cinched my outerwear in the middle, creating some ruffles for my south bound. This actually thickened my hips more so that it can jive with the rest of my body.

So girls, if you love a specific outerwear and it seems like it's not working on your body, maging matigas ang ulo! (Be stubborn!) Find ways to make it work for you! Tee-hee!

Your plus size Fashion Rebel,

Aries De Guzman