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Friday, September 16, 2011


 SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
11:42 PM


I know for a fact that some plus size women are very conscious about their big arms that is why they never get to enjoy wearing sleeveless even if it's very hot that day! 

Another reason as to why is because they fear that their kili-kili (arm pits) are sooooo pitch black (of course, totally exaggerated in our minds) that if we raise our arms, the whole world will be back in the 12th Century without candles or something.

But ladies, ladies... LADIES. Let me assure you. You are not alone.Majority of the women have the same conditions as you. So no need, to feel and think that you are ugly because of it. Because if you do think that way, you'd be dissing a lot of other fabulous women in the world who has it.

But if that fact is not enough for you, allow me to present to you the truth about wearing sleeveless and  ways of being able to wear it without feeling "STRESSED" or nervous about it.

Behold The Sexy Jhaki David... (The Truth About A Sleeveless Ensemble)


Look at the photo of Erzullie Icon Jhaki David above. Most probably, when you saw her, you saw the whole photo first, thought about it as a whole and have made judgement --- on whether or not it's fabulous. Then, when you believe that it's worthy to look at, you mind starts to trail off to details (like it's sleeveless, her necklace, her eyes, hair etc.) 

Did you see what just happened there?

You were not focused immediately that she is wearing sleeveless or her arms. You were more focused on how it looked like as a whole. Obviously, a whole is made up of several parts. Remember too, FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST... So if you looked good as a whole, most probably that is the last thing that will last in the mind of the on looker.

This is good news because, you have now proven to yourself, first hand that wearing sleeveless is not a big deal because it's not the only deal that goes on in the outfit. It's about the combination of several fashion items on you.
Jhaki looks great wearing sleeveless because she just looked AMAZEBALLS as a whole. If she can do it, so can you. Mind you, she is actually a 2L to 3L in our usual measurement.

The Right Sleeveless Top

In light of looking great as a whole, we cannot ignore the usual question of what is the right sleeveless top for you. If you are like Jhaki, hourglass, this would look great because the print is constant all over (balancing your north and south areas), and there is a gathering at the side, enhancing your hourglass shape.

This kind of sleeveless top is also great for those who have small hips. Because of the detailing at the bottom part of the sleeveless, there is more "bulk" given at your lower area.

To those who have small boobs and big everything else. Choose sleeveless tops that has bulk or a pop of color, concentrating at that area. This will help you balance your figure out. This is also applicable to girls that has small boobs, big waist/tummy, and small hips. Just make sure though that you pair that sleeveless with a bottom that bulks you up to create a continuation in your body and legs.

To the ladies that has boobs, waist and hips of the same width, make sure that you put a belt on that sleeveless to help you create a waist. Otherwise, you'd look flat all over.

Another thing to consider would be the cut of the top. To enhance your plus size figure, use tops that have been cut to have a waist. This way, it will help you curve your body, helping you reveal a waist. The tendency of a straight cut top would be to hug your curves as it is, so if you are okay with what you have, then go for this kind.

Final one to consider in choosing is the fit of the top. Make sure that the sleeveless top hugs your body right and is not loose in the arm holes, otherwise, you'd look sloppy. To know if you have a "loose armhole" raise your hand all the way up. If you can see that the armhole of top is not against your skin, then you need to have it altered or switched. If you can see that your body is oozing out of the top, then that is another no-no.

The goal of any ensemble is to hug your body right and not too tight.

Eve Used Her Hair to Cover Herself, Why Won't You?

Reason 2 as to why Jhaki looks so faboosh in the photo is because of her fabulous hair covering her arms. You can do this as well (if you are still not yet at that level of confidence, in this case, Jhaki is actually confident of herself, it just so happens that she just has fabulous hair to begin with).

Now, I am not saying that you literally place you hair there. However, having long, curly and vibrant looking hair actually helps. It becomes an "accessory" to your outfit and the healthier looking your hair is, chances are, the eyes will visually focus on that, instead of your arms.

Let The Bling Sing!

Last but not the least, if you want another "distraction" trick for the eyes so that they won't focus on your arms as much, would be to let the bling "sing" or dazzle the onlooker.

Most probably, in the photo above, your eyes also went to the long silver chain necklace. It's because it's bright, it glitters, sparkles and shimmers. Our eyes, of course, are always drawn to things that reflect light. So instead of focusing on your arms. The long silver necklace, aside from elongating Jhaki, also focuses the attention on it and not on the areas you are not yet that confident with.

Final love note

Now that you know the truth about a sleeveless ensemble, I hope that you girls gain some confidence on wearing it as you love it!

Remember! The sleeveless ensemble about the whole outfit, the right detail, cut and fit!


Aries De Guzman
Proud to be Plus