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Monday, September 12, 2011


SEPTEMBER 12, 2011
12:21 PM


Me and Berna were out of the Metro last weekend. We went to Dakak Beach Resort and it was such a nice trip. The Beach is great and we felt very relaxed as there were only a few  people there (probably because it's off season). Nevertheless, we loved every part of it. 

The vacation actually gave us inspirations on what outfits to pack for a perfect beach day. (We know it's the holidays but, I blog this as I go! Lol) So here are some of the staples (aside from beach wear) that you may want to bring with you.

The Trusty Shorts

It's the beach and it's hot! Nothing beats wearing shorts and a nice top! But how short is too short? Technically, it depends on the confidence level. If you want to go all out... just wear a belt --- I mean go as short as you like! Lol.

However, a nice guide would be to use your hand. Open your hand and straighten the fingers. Make sure that your fingers are close together and then place it above your knee, while standing up. Usually where your thumb ends, that is where your short should begin. Any longer and it's already considered as a pedal pusher. Any shorter, well I'll allow the curvista confidence to decide.

A nice example would be this Erzullie Resort 2011 shorts!


The Flowing Maxi Pants
Maxi pants are great for the beach because of its' flow mainly. Nothing says relaxation than a comfortable pair of pants. Ditch the denim, and maximize the beach experience by wearing maxi pants that are cool to the skin and soft to the touch! 

The Maxi Dress


And of course, your beach night will usually end with a fabulous dinner at either the hotel cafe or the restaurant by the beach. The Maxi dress is great in bringing fabulosity  and sophistication. Choose maxi dresses that flows nicely, is light and also stretchable. Remember! Beach wear should be comfort wear. After all, you are taking a vacation. You are supposed to chill and relax... not feel restrained!

The Loose Top


It's a vacation. It's time to let loose. Wear tops that gives you room to breathe. Reveal a little skin with a use of some cut-outs OR just pick a generally loose top.

Final Love Note

And so, these are my recommended staples for your nice beach vacation! Remember though that these are just tips and suggestions and not your ultimate guide. You are always your own best stylist! Know your body and what works great for you.


Aries De Guzman
Proud to be Erzullie!