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Friday, September 2, 2011


7:47 AM


There are a lot of black leggings out there --- but which one should you choose? If you have very curvy calves, refrain using leggings that have cutouts directly on that area as this will outbalance the curves on your legs. If you have curvier thighs than calves, avoid long horizontal cut outs as well. You can have cut outs as long as they are relatively small (not exceeding the horizontal length of your top knees --- remember the cuts will stretch because your leggings will stretch!) 

If you have a balanced curve on your leg (big thighs, small knees and big calves) avoid wearing leggings that has print on the knees only as this will either eliminate or make your knees smaller cutting the parts off and eliminating the fluidity of your legs! (Remember the term legs that go on forever?)

If you have a straigh type of legs (thighs, knees and calves are the same in width) then printed leggings (depending on the print) can help you. Choose prints that is dark on the knee part and lightens up on the edges. This will give the illusion of fluidity on your wonderful legs!

Remember! The goal of any legging is to flatter your legs--- making it look smoother/fluid. (Personally, elongation for me is an option. I am 5"2'. I do not see anything wrong with short legs. <<<biased! Ha!)

Check out the fierce leggings by Erzullie! Balance out printed outerwear and glamorous shoes by wearing a fierce black leggings that contour your legs perfectly! In this case, this legging has a gathered side giving your calves better shape!

Viva Erzullie!

Lots of Fashion Love,

Aries De Guzman

P.S. I was thinking of gargoyles when I made this pose. Hehehehehe.