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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


OCTOBER 11, 2011
10:40 AM

The skirt is one of the most common fashion arsenal in any plus size closet. So which one is the best for your body type?

1. The A-Line. This skirt is the most basic. It is the type that when you lay out a skirt on the bed, it opens wide at the bottom. Example is this one from Holiday 2010:


2. The vase-shape. This is a type of skirt that closes tight at the bottom. Even if you spread it on a bed, it does not open wide and is usually (but not all the time) smaller than the opening of its top. Example of it is this:

3. The Half-coconut. This is a type of skirt that almost closes at the bottom but not enough to capture your knees. This is where the tight mini skirts belong. The latest collection carry these types of skirts:



The A-Line skirt is the usual go-to of all the plus size women that think/feel/see that they have big beyonce's (a.k.a. butt) or rhiana's (a.k.a. thighs). However, be wary as this can actually become a double edged sword for you girls. Why?

I have seen clients before wear the A-Line, whether or not, it's high waisted, and it seems like that the body parts that they are trying to hide (their beyonce's and rhiana's) are not minimized at all. When they do try an A-Line, the skirt hangs over these parts, specifically the beyonce area, making the fabulous woman look like a table with a cover on it.


Does this mean that there is something wrong with me? Of course not! It just means that there are just some A-Line skirts that is not worthy of your curves. So my suggestion is to try them on. Once you actually see (and not mentally only okay?) that the A-line falls straight from the highest point of your beyonce, ditch it.

FASHION CHEAT! Although that is the general rule, you can break it by wearing a semi-loose and long blouse that reaches until the highest point of your beyonce. You can also wear outerwear of the same length. This way, it would make your back and your beyonce more proportional. Another one is to choose an A-Line shape that has ruffles or detail, this way, visually, you will be able to minimize the body parts that you want.

The A-Line is also great for women that has smaller southern area in comparison to their upper bodies. In this way, you are able to add volume your lower parts to jive with your upper ones.

What if I only have big thighs and small butt? The A-Line is great for you as well! This is to balance your lower front with the back side!

Usually, plus size women tend to stay away from the Vase shape skirts as they are afraid that their stomachs, butts and thighs (SBT's) will be emphasized. Well the glory days are here!

The secret on being able to wear a vase shape skirt and be able to hide your SBT's is to find the RIGHT FIT/SIZE that actually hides those parts. To remind you, clothes are actually supposed to cover us, so it's rightfully so that you find the one that fits you the best.

It does not matter if it's the biggest size there. If it makes you look as hot as you should be, then that is all that you need. BELIEVE ME, no one in their very busy day, unless they are on drugs or out of their minds, will actually stop and say... "OMG! YOU ARE WEARING THE BIGGEST SKIRT EVER!" and even so, it is the truth... you are wearing the biggest size... so?

Anyway, going back, Vase shape skirts are actually great for those who are blessed with both Beyonce and Rhiana. It actually accentuates your shape more. Just make sure that the bottom part of that particular skirt is a little open at the bottom. So that it actually takes the attention away from your beyonce more.

In another note, Vase shapes may not be the best friend of the ones who is the opposite --- the ones with small SBT's. Why? Because the skirt will hug those parts more and well, you'd looks smaller down there.

FASHION CHEAT! You can beef up your SBT's with this type of skirt through picking ones that has bright colors, colors other than black or prints. Pick ones that also has details on back or front to add more volume in those areas.

The Half-Coconut is actually tricky. Again, as a shape, this actually works best for the Medium Sized SBT's. If your SBT's are really big than your other parts, then wearing a half coconut can actually emphasize that more (because you are showing it more). At this point, just now the objectives of your outfit. If you do want it emphasized, by all means wear it! ^^ ♥♥♥

If your SBT's are actually smaller than your other parts, then it might actually make you look like a double Popsicle stick.

FASHION CHEAT! Just like what I have said earlier, find the right size to achieve your outfit goals. For those who have big SBT's, if you want to minimize, find a darker shade of half-coconut skirt that actually hugs your thighs. For the those who have small SBT's, find the said type of skirt in big loud colors and also hugs your thighs.


Above are just fashion tips and tricks. At the end, you are your own fashion guru! ^^ When it comes to skirts, find the right shape for you, but if you still want to break the rules, then find the right size that applies!


Aries De Guzman