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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


November 22, 2011
10:40 PM

A lot of my clients, being plus size women, have big thighs. But how big is big? Honestly, if you think you have big thighs, someone will always have bigger, and although you may have bigger than others, there is absolutely NO STANDARD that will tell you when your thighs are considered big. If this is our premise, you will always end up somewhere in the middle.

(Come on... you are not the only woman in the planet! @_@ There are even undiscovered life forms out there, that I may think have thighs!)

However, you can determine it, but not against comparing it to others, but to the rest of your body parts.

So get a full body mirror and look at it and see it with all honesty. Are your thighs the biggest part of your body? If it is not, then it's not. Leave it at that.

Now if you are one of the ladies that has been blessed with curvy Rhiannas (thighs) then read on! This will definitely help you! ^^

What you are really scared of...Now, I am not saying that just because you do not want to show your Rhiannas you are not confident. I have recently learned that from one of my FB encounters. There may be times that you just don't like to show your thighs because it's not your style. I can dig that.

However, for the ladies that do want to show some skin, but is afraid to do so... I just want to offer a piece of love note to you... Handling a lot of plus size clients, I think what you are ultimately afraid of is not the size of your thighs per se but 2 things:

1. your cellulite showing

2. how unproportional your body is because of your thighs

Fear not, however! There are ways that you can actually wear something short and work with your unique features (cellulite and Rhianna proportions).

You just have to choose the right length, style and color.

The length should just be enough to cover the areas that you want to hide.

The style should be the one that amps up the volume on your hips and contours your thighs.

The color should be in the dark side to help you minimize it.

Let's apply this to Erzullie Icon, Marian Beltran.

The Skirt

Marian actually has big thighs. Although she is a box shape (her shoulders, boobs, tummy, hips and thighs are all of the same proportions), it is undeniable that she is curvy and of course, like all women (even me), have cellulite. However check out this photo of her, sporting a short skirt.

P.S. This photo was not majorly edited. I only changed the background to white and added the words on it, other than that... nada. I don't edit my Icon's body or face. I want to show that we really don't need photoshop to look amazeballs. We just have to believe we do look hot.
How come it looks so good on her? You may ask?

1. The skirt was the right length. It was not too short to the point that her cellulites would be showing.

2. The skirt was the right shape. The shape of the skirt was a half coconut. (big opening at the bottom of the skirt but not bigger than the garter of it) This shape of the skirt created fuller hips and thus, making the thighs look smaller.

3. The skirt was of the right color. Although it is the color purple, it is still on the dark side. Thus, the minimizing effect and less attention.

The Shorts

I know that I have been showing this photo a lot but it's a great example. You can actually see the minimization of the hips and thighs area. Let's apply the theory:

1. The length of the shorts. Again, just right to cover the problem areas

2. Shape of the shorts. It's again half coconut. It has detailing on the hips area, which adds a little more volume. The style of the shorts actually curves the thighs both taming them and curving them nicely.

3. Color of the shorts. Yes, it's in dark color. Thus, minimizing that area.

Do it for yourself!

So to apply this to yourself, should you want to shop for skirts and shorts that is above your knees in length. Try them on and look at yourself. Remember LSC! (Length-Shape-Color).


Aries De Guzman