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Thursday, December 29, 2011


December 29, 2011
3:20 pm


The legs --- a topic that is often discussed in the fashion world. It is usually discussed with regards to its' general size or length and how to dress it properly. However, I have reached an insight of another peculiar thing about our south border --- all of the articles are in general. It doesn't focus on the particular details about the legs. One of which is the varying length of thighs and calves. 

Before we start, let's see what type you are. Using your hand (left or right, it doesn't matter), place your thumb at the middle of the bikini line on top of your lap and gently gauge how long your thigh is by using your hand's length (Is it two hands? Also, be reminded that the thigh ends at the top of the knee area). Starting below the knee area, do the same thing. Take note which one is shorter or longer or if both of them are of the same length.

1. Long Thighs; Short Calves

This is actually my type of legs. My thighs are longer than my calves. Visually, you look shorter than the other types. As such, boots are not really much of your bestfriend. Choose any footwear with heels to elongate your legs further. 

Wear shorts that cut your thigh's length in half to balance the look with your calves.

2. Short Thighs; Long Calves

For this type, boots will look amazing on you. In fact, you can choose thigh high boots that ends at the middle of your thighs. This will definitely elongate your legs even more. 3/4 bottoms would look amazing on you as it creates a longer silhouette for your south border.

3. Long Thighs and Calves

For the really leggy curvies that wants to minimize it, I suggest wearing bottoms that end under the knee. This creates the illusion of a shorter thigh as it cuts you off at that state completely. Wear strappy sandals to also shorten your calves.

4. Short Thighs and Calves

For the curvies that wish to elongate, basically show them off and wear heels! The more exposure of the body type, the bigger people think it would be.

Hope this helps you, Erzulliestas get to know your body more. ^^ Need some clarifications? Tweet me your questions! @erzullie


Aries De Guzman