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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


SEPTEMBER 28, 2011
11:17 PM

"I love myself more than ever... I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF ERZULLIE
to inspire other plus size women."
- Jhaki David, Erzullie Icon, on what Erzullie is all about

"On the day of the interview, I saw this beautiful, hot and sexy plus size woman. I was praying to the Divine that she'd be one of the girls that I will be interviewing. If not, I am going to approach her anyway. Thankfully... she was one! She looked so different in the photos that she sent. Although she looked heavenly in the photos, she was sultrier in personal. It was that magnetism and charisma that made her perfect for the Holiday 2011 collection. The theme was Girls Night Out and usually, that is where all the girls are so undeniably sexy in their own right. Jhaki (David) was that. She's sexy and she knows it. It's a good thing we knew it too. Getting her as an Erzullie Icon really propelled the brand to the next level." --- Aries De Guzman, Owner/Designer of Erzullie, on the day that she saw Jhaki

1. Name, Age and Erzullie Size

Jhaki David- Calanoc
Age: 28
Erzullie size:  2L

2. Current Occupation: 

Sr. Account Executive/ Business Unit Head

3. Favorite Erzullie Icon and why:

Are you and Berna included sa choices? hehe 

If yes, well both of you are my favorites because aside from being creative, confident and professionals.
I love how you treat other people with kindness.

4. What's your journey as a plus size woman? How did you come into terms with your body?

I was always on the chubby side since I was a little girl. I also went through the bullying stage from others and being insecure of being fat plus I also suffered from anorexia nervosa and iron deficiency anemia during my teens. 

Luckily,  I am blessed with a partner, a family and best friends  that believes in me and supports my dreams, they are the ultimate source of both inspiration and confidence. And as my perspective grows I decided to accept myself and embrace my curves. 

Instead of letting them put  a good spirit down, I look at the brighter side of things with the help of positive attitude.

I love feeling good, taking care of myself and wearing what I want.

5. Why did you apply as an Erzullie Icon? What happened? (Tell us  briefly, the story form application to acceptance)

I never thought that I will have a chance to be an Icon however when I was younger my grandma predicted that someday I will be a model.

But, I knew that it was far from happening since models here in Philippines as often thin. 

Until a rare opportunity presented itself, Erzullie is searching for a new Icon and a plus size model. I took advantage of the opportunity and out of the hundreds of applicants I was picked.

6. When you were selected, what were your thoughts?

I love myself more than ever and I have no regrets about the weight issues as I see it as a blessing as long as you keep your curves in right places and to stay healthy.

On the other hand, in my opinion Erzullie is one of the most amazing brands that supports diversity in the Philippines. 

I am proud to be part of Erzullie and to inspire other plus size women to be confident and believe in themselves.


7. You were also working with a new Icon, Khriselda, how is it working with her? Why do you think she deserve to be an Erzullie Icon?

She's lovely plus she also has her own unique qualities that an Icon should have.
 I'm glad because aside from the experience and opportunity I also gained a new friend.

8. You have also worked with Marian Beltran, Erzullie Icon Resort 2011, How was it working with her?

It was a pleasure working with her, Marian is approachable, smart and professional.

9. During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them? Did you feel insecure with the other Icons around you?

I didn't feel any insecurities towards my co-Icons. Because I believe that Erzullie has chosen women with different qualities and each has unique personality. I had fun and I really enjoyed the photo shoot. I can't wait to work with them again one of these days.

10. You are a blogger right? Can you tell us something briefly about it?

My blog is and I started it last March 2011.

I named it Barbie Jhaki because I want to change many people’s perception that you should look as artificial as a Barbie doll before you can be fashionable, beautiful and feel good about yourself.

This is my campaign for a change about the standards of beauty and the images of allegedly perfect bodies.

The ideal women should have a well balance life with family, friends and a career to have a healthy, worthy and happy life.
I would love to inspire others that a real woman has her own individual shape and should embrace her curves.

11. Any message to all the plus size women out there?

Perfection isn't fixed and diversity is beautiful. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and all of us still have room for improvements.

I believe that God blessed me with a full figured body and large structured bones for a reason and that's my inspiration to love myself.

I looked at the physical differences on a broader spectrum, that sizes must not limit you from reaching the dream and it doesn't make you any less to anybody. Keep your spirit up, be kind to others, accept and love yourself.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2011
10:00 PM 

"Primarily, I was grateful to God that He gave me this... opportunity to become somebody... I WANT TO CHANGE."
- Khriselda Guarin, Erzullie Icon, on how being one changed her

"To tell you the truth, Khriselda (Guarin) was actually a sure win for the Erzullie Icon search at that time. She loves the brand naturally and knows the brand by heart. I also saw in her, above all, that she applied because she believed in what the brand is doing, sincerely. I knew that picking her would be the best move the brand's cause because she embodies it. She is a woman that finally loved herself. She was the story of self-love." --- Aries De Guzman, Owner and Designer for Erzullie, on why she picked Khriselda Guarin as Erzulie Icon for Holiday 2011

Here is the Erzullie Icon interview of Khriselda Guarin. Get to know her from the basics to the deep personal story of how she finally came into terms of loving herself as is.
1. Name, Age and Erzullie Size

Khriselda Mari D. Guarin; 24 years old; 2L-3L

2. Current Occupation:

Investment Specialist

3. Favorite Erzullie Icon and why:

That would be Ms. Berna! I remember you (Aries) told me that you talked her into doing a shoot for Erzullie, that if she would not do it, who else will. When I scanned through her photographs, I did not fail to epitomize fierce and confidence. I feel her, I admit I was very timid at first during the shoot but then when I recalled her story, I realized that I will be representing Erzullie, I have to look confident in order to empower other plus size ladies that they can do what I and Ms. Berna and the other icons can do. :)

4. What's your journey as a plus size woman? How did you come into terms with your body?

My journey in a nutshell: dreadfully bullied and dumped. The bullying I can take, but the latter was something that stabbed me to the core. I was told by this ‘boy’ that he likes me; however we cannot be together because he is embarrassed to introduce me to his family. I was so depressed that I lost 50 lbs. My eye-opener to self acceptance was when I found out that because of my Yo-Yo dieting, I am now living with Sinus Arrhythmia. I gained back the pounds when I stopped the pills.

It’s just lately that I have embraced my excess adipose tissue. I felt recognized when some bloggers began featuring me, some boys liking me, and of course Erzullie choosing me to represent them. I realized that anyone who thinks I’m not worthy is not worth it. Right now, my priority is to become happy and healthy.

Ps. to the ‘boy’ who dumped me, I wish him happiness, love, and acceptance 


5. Why did you apply as an Erzullie Icon? What happened? (Tell us  briefly, the story form application to acceptance)

I applied as an Icon because first of all, I love their clothes! They fit me well and I want to personally show them off to the plus size hotties. Next is that I believe in their advocacy to empower the oversize ladies. Their garments practically shout confidence. And finally, like most girls, I want to be photographed professionally, it makes me feel pretty and accepted.

One uneventful morning, I was ‘googling’ for plus size models Philippines, Erzullie’s ad popped up in the first page. The following week I was emailed by Aries, inviting me for an interview. I felt like I was in a pageant during the meet-up. I thought Aries would be intimidating but she’s so not. Her good sense of humour put my nervousness aside. When I finally received an email that I’m one of the chosen three, aah, nirvana

6. When you were selected, what were your thoughts?

Primarily, I was grateful to God that He gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity to become somebody. Then it boomed me, I want to change my lifestyle. It pushed me to quit smoking, drink more water, and sleep at least 8 hours a day. I want to glow, I want to look good because I want the plus size girls to see that I am happy with who I am and with what I wear J 

7. You were also working with another Icon, Jhaki David, how is it working with her? Why do you think she deserve to be an Erzullie Icon?

Working with her is a breath of fresh air; I do not have much plus size friends and knowing her, her thoughts, and her fashion style  gave me a new perspective. Jhaki deserves to be an icon because we both share the same goal: fatshion empowerment. And also, I bet she jived with Aries during the interview because they both have a very good sense of humour.

8. You have also worked with Marian Beltran, Erzullie Icon Resort 2011, How was it working with her?

Prior to the shoot, I read Marian’s interview and it moved me. She is contented and happy, and I want that. Working with Marian is exciting. She is very supportive of us, rookies. Plus, I love listening to her stories; she is smart and funny too.

9. During the shoot, what were the obstacles that you have faced? How did you overcome them? Did you feel insecure with the other Icons around you?

Honestly, I felt insecure at first because I am the biggest of them all. I don’t even see them as plus size. But eventually, I felt as sexy as them because the icons plus Aries, Berna, and Louise kept telling me that I look great. 

During the shoot, my obstacle was projecting the sophisticated type of woman, I tried to post the look but it turned out differently. When they appreciated me in a different angle, I already felt at ease. Also, I felt awkward in a tube/sleeveless, I tried to hide my floppy arms , but I realized, hello I’m modelling for a plus size clothing, it’s not like I am expected to look thin.

10. Any message to all the plus size women out there?

Hey sexy ladies, come out of your closet and explore the FATSHION world of Erzullie! The key to a happier life is acceptance. With acceptance comes confidence. Nothing is sexier than a girl who wears confidence.



September 28, 2011
4:42 pm

"Before this whole Erzullie experience, I would've covered myself 
with whatever I could find in my closet."
-Marian  Beltran, on before she became an Erzullie Icon

Ever wondered what happened to Erzullie Icon, Marian Beltran after Resort 2011? Or what did she think and feel after she got called back by Erzullie? 

Erzullie Icon Marian Beltran shares her thoughts in this inspiring new interview!

1. After your first Erzullie Icon photoshoot and the release of the 2nd half of the Resort 2011 Collection, what happened?

Nothing much has happened, really. *laughs* Well, I got into this Harry Potter obsession. Other than that, nothing else... hehehe

2. Did you notice any change with yourself? What are these?

I noticed a grave change with my confidence. I became sexier and more daring with what I wore. Like, for example, the last time we went out, I was wearing sleeveless with fierce knee high boots. Before this whole Erzullie experience, I would've covered myself with whatever I could find in my closet. I feel that Erzullie has provided me with so many opportunities, not only in the fashion industry, but in my personal life as well. :]

3. When you were asked to come back for Yule 2011, what were your thoughts?

My thoughts were "THANK GOD!" *laughs* I wanted for the creators, Aries and Berna to want to have me back for their next collection that I was consistently bugging my partner with my anxieties. When Aries sent me a message on Facebook, I let out a small shriek and told everyone in the room (even those who didn't care) that I have just been asked to come back for the next collection.


4. You were also working with 3 new Icons, what were your thoughts? How was it working for them?

Since I found out that Aries picked new icons, I immediately wanted to bring my A-Game. I watched and research on more fashionable poses that I can do. I even made a whole concept of what the photo shoot would probably be like. hehehe. In a way, I was afraid that I might not be able to deliver as good or as well as they would. Most especially since I saw their pictures during the teaser for the new icons.

However, on the day of the fitting, it was so refreshing to know how nice and friendly they are. I immediately found out what Aries saw in them and I felt honored that I will be working with such empowering women.

5. What can you say about each of the 3 new Icons? Were they great? Why do you think that they were right for the roles of Erzullie Icons?

They were awesome! Personality wise, they were all very much kalog and funny. During the pre-production, there was never a dull moment with them. I think they were right to be chosen as icons because they do embody what Erzullie aims to portray -- strong, relatable women who are confident with the gift that they have been given.

6. After this experience, the Yule 2011, what lessons with regards to being a plus size woman, did you get?

I learnt that plus size women literally come in all shapes, sizes and packages. We, as women, embody different physical attributes that add up to our personality. It's how we carry our confidence and package ourselves that really does affect how we are perceived in the general media.

I mean, if you think of yourself as invincible, powerful and confident, then that is what other people will really see. Like what I said in the previous interview, embodying these thoughts will eventually shine through for everyone to notice. :]



SEPTEMBER 28, 2011
2:04 PM


Last September 23, 2011 we had a commercial shoot for Erzullie. It's actually double purpose.

First, it would actually be the video for our new plus size campaign: "Now I'm Fierce". Basically, our campaign is about how plus size women found their inner strength and change for themselves for the better --- which is also what our brand is about (in general, self-love).

Hopefully, by this week we would be able to post it in all of our social sites.

Second, this would also be displayed in all Empresario Manila social sites and direct site as well. We are very excited because ultimately, it's about spreading the word of Self-Love to plus size women that counts.

I must admit that we also had some emotional moments in this shoot as all the stories shared there, are  personal stories of the Erzullie Icons, which I am sure, if not some, all plus size women went through.

Anyway, for now, let's just settle with photos of the behind the scenes shall we? Cheers!







Aries De Guzman