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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Valentine’s is coming! The rush of speed dating services is in the air! So if you are single going to one for the fun of it or as a favor to another single friend, you have to wonder — what do you wear on such an occasion?
There are a lot of articles out there on what to wear on a first date, day date, night date etc. but not a lot of what to wear on a speed date. One thing is for sure: YOU DO NOT GO OUT WITH A GUY ‘FASHION BLIND’ (fashion disaster)!
So here are some tips and tricks that you may want to go back and forth in selecting what kind of clothes you should be wearing on some nerve-wrecking and possibly awkward situation.
Of course! If the speed dating event is happening in a swanky bar, why are you wearing your track suit? First thing is first — where is the venue? Make sure that what you are wearing is appropriate for the time and place. If the event is held at night and you live where it does have cold nights, I don’t think that wearing a very flimsy dress is the right thing to wear. If it is a garden place and the venue is at the main garden, your stilettos may sink and well, the elongation of the legs will become more of breaking of them.
We know that the statement above is confusing. We don’t want to be under dressed (what if the guy was cute?) and we don’t want to be over dressed either (like some desperate woman needing to have a partner immediately!) Remember, this is speed dating. This is lighter than a speed date and more fun than a blind one.
So how do you know if you are just the right amount of “dressed”?
First, you must only wear ONE PIECE of jewelry. So choose well! It should be a statement but not a bold one. Try one small cocktail ring or a pair of fresh water pearl earrings. Something light and fun for the accessory is a good choice.
Next, your clothes must leave things in the imagination. Guys LOVE to imagine women naked. As such, you have to play along with his senses. It’s enough that he sees your body shape. They love curves! However, if you are not blessed with curviness, then you may opt to dazzling them by looking clean and naturale.
Third, in connection with the previous one, we are not saying that you go out there looking like a mummy. We said, leave things to his imagination — not wonderment of what curtain you must have murdered to wrap around you. It’s okay to show some skin, but not all of it! No cleavage and micro mini’s please! (Not unless you are looking for a one night stand.)
Fourth, your hair must be clean, neat and looking healthy. Keep the hair spray away ladies! There is no need for you to go to a salon and have your hair done (not unless it is SOOOOO needed). This is not the prom!
Finally, the make-up must be kept natural. Nothing smells like desperation than an overly made-up with makeup woman in a speed dating event. So opt for minimal make up at this point. Dazzle them later when they ask you out on your real first night date.
Let’s accept the fact that not ALL speed dating event goes well for the attendee. You may come out empty handed (or dodged a bullet) so let’s always consider the escape plan. If you are commuting going home, you have to make sure that what you are wearing is safe enough for you to get out on the streets and not get mugged (knock on wood). If you have your own car, well that is easy, as long as it is convenient enough for you to drive wearing whatever you are going to.
Fashion Tips brought to you by AGL.