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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


May 30, 2012
1:31 pm

As Pre-Holiday 2012 collection is about to approach, let's all get to know Erzullie Icon, Karen Diokno, one more time! Here is her Erzullie Icon Interview. So fierce!

"Karen D., during the Plus Size Model Go-See for Erzullie, was the most demure model I have ever met so far. I love her professionalism and girl next door charm. The reason that we chose her as an Erzullie Icon, after she applied for it, was because she overtime, she became one of our (Berna and I) muses --- she was smart, independent, in a healthy relationship (with self and boyfriend) and of course, family --- just like what a true Erzulliesta is."  --- Aries De Guzman, on why Karen Diokno became an Erzullie Icon. 

1. Name

Karen Chona V. Diokno

2. Occupation

Registered Nurse

3. Before you became an icon, what was your journey as a plus size woman? What was the meaning of being ‘plus size’ to you? Why?

I have always been "curvylicious". I've been called names like "taba" and bullied at school by the "pretty girls" during college. I even get the disgusted stares as if saying "eww" and the "head to toe" look. It started when the whole school came to know that one of the popular boys is my boyfriend (we're still together!). I usually hear stuff like "bakit siya?" or " eh ang taba taba niya kaya". And of course the never ending rumor of "the other woman".. I just laugh at it quietly and sometimes I smile at them.

For me, being plus size is a great thing coz it means that the people around you now and the loved ones beside you accept every inch of you for real. They really want to be with you not just because of "how you look" but because of "who and what you are".

4. Before you were an Icon, were you already able to come into terms with your body? If yes, how did you come about accepting yourself as plus size? 

Yes! I already ssssoooo accepted my body! At such a young age, I never let my physical features define who I am. From the negative comments they throw at me, I gather confidence to prove them wrong. I often contemplate alot on why they do such things to me and realized that its only because of my size and nothing else. I got to know myself  and love myself and go above the society's way of thinking that "THIN IS IN". I realized that you have to truly and honestly accept and love yourself first before others can love you.So i said to myself "So what if Im fat, I have alot more to offer". And from then on harsh words, teasing and bullying never got to me, instead I just smile and say thank you, and trust me, it leaves a "shocked" look and matching "facepalm" on your enemy's face.. hihihihih!

5. What triggered you to accept yourself as a plus size woman? Why?

I don't really know because it was never an issue for me (humility aside!). But i guess I can say that my family and my boyfriends' support and acceptance of how i look and who i am made me love myself more and it really boost my confidence.

6. As an Erzullie Icon, you did some fashion projects, what was your most favorite and memorable? Why?

Ooohh! I love all the projects we did but my most favorite would have to be the EMPRESSARIO fashion show. Not just because its my first ever "model" experience but because even though we were there with "regular" models, my co-plus size models and icons rocked the show! I guessed it showed other plus size women that "yeah plus size women can also do this and WE can be part of the fashion industry!"

7. How did being an Erzullie Icon, in general, change you as a plus size woman? Did it enrich you or you just feel the same about it? How so and why?

Being an ERZULLIE ICON is a great deal for me, not only did I fulfill my dream of becoming a model but I also found a FAMILY! It made me feel that my being a PLUS SIZE has a purpose and that is to encourage others to accept their curvveyy body! Even before I was an ICON, I was already sharing and lecturing others on self love and acceptance and knowing your worth and now that I am part of this FAMILY, I can reach out to more women out there.

8. During your iconship, you have met other people who are also part of the plus size community from regular customers to people actually working on the field of the plus size fashion industry, did that change your perception of what plus size is? How and why?

Yes, it changed my perception for the better! I realized that there are alot of fun, fierce and seexxeeeyy plus size women out there and they influenced me fashion wise and personality wise as well. They inspired me to have fun with fashion and open up to people. There was one time, during a bazaar at rockwell, I saw this SEXY plus size lady in a halter top and I found myself saying "damn ang galing naman niya!She looks uber fabulous".. That's when i realized that curvveyy women can be sexier than umm "regular" women. All it takes is ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE.

9. To you then, what is plus size? Is it about measurement or outlook? Elaborate

For me, its both! Yes plus size is a standard of measurement but its how you accept yourself and how you see yourself owning up to that measurement. As a plus size, we should accept it, love it and FLAUNT it.

10. What is your message to the plus size community, in general? What do you think is the most important thing that they should know about how they should handle their body right now?

Being a plus size woman should never be taken as a negative. We are just like other women but with a gift that most women would pay alot of money to have (you know what i mean wink* wink*!)..

But seriously, find some quiet time and think about what is good about you and what are your assets (appearance,personality, talent,intelligence etc.) ,build on that. Learn to accept your body and be happy with what GOD gave you and be thankful that he made you complete. Then maybe you too will realize that there is more to yourself than being a "PLUS SIZE" and its not such a bad thing after all.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


MAY 29, 2012
5:23 AM


I have actually been receiving a lot of inquiry about Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals since we have collaborated with them for our current Resort 2012 collection (purchase it here: I know that I have answered some individually, but I had a request that I actually answer this letter publicly so that it would benefit others who are also curious about it as well.

So here is the letter:

Dear Erzullie,

 I have heard about Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and saw that you girls actually collaborated with them for your photo shoot. Do the products really work or are you just saying it because it's part of the agreement of your collaboration? Did you photoshop the photos of your "Just You" photos or do your models actually look like that? 

Sorry for the direct questions. I just really want to know the answer. Please post it to your blog as I check that more than my email. I'm pretty sure other girls are curious about it too.

Mariel Guezza, Makati City


All your questions are valid. In fact, as a consumer myself, I have also wondered at times if people said something because it's part of their agreement or it's really just one honest opinion about it. So no need for apologies.

We actually collaborated with Krave Minerale because I, personally, have tried the make up products used in the photoshoot (eye shadow, face mist, lip gloss, mineral blush, loose mineral foundation and liquid foundation) before I have allowed it to be used on my models. Krave Minerale, at that time, is obviously new and definitely, I would like to test it on myself and see if it is really safe, before I allow it to be used on any of my models.

I must say that that I was very impressed with the products and if you google "krave minerale" I actually agree in most of the reviews posted about the products that I have tried.

For the eye shadow, we actually have to put in a little water for it to work fully on the models. We went a little soft on color since the lashes (by Ravish) is the one that we want to focus more for that part. However, once you get a hang of it, it's amazing.

For the face mist, I actually did it before and after I have applied liquid and mineral foundation. All throughout the shoot, there was really minor to no touch up needed for it.

For the lip gloss, we absolutely love the colors we have used the colors are in fact, for us, good enough to pop out on the shoot (check out the photos) and this is with flash and lights. So you can imagine the effect it gives on a normal day to day lighting.

One of our favorite items in the whole bunch is the mineral blush. Berna and I cannot stress this enough. It's just the right hint of color on your cheeks and at least for us, it lasts the whole day! We absolutely love it!

Now, the loose mineral foundation and liquid foundation, for me, is the most incredible thing. To be honest, when we used it on our Erzullie Icon and Plus Size model, Loren Monares, the color was too dark for her face and we were worried that it's not going to work. But then, after applying the mineral foundation and facial mist, bam! It blended. I can't explain how but it just did. Well, you can just judge on the photos.

For the "Just You" photos, you should know that there was no photo shop involved (we only placed the words there and that is it) for you girls to actually know that this is how Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals really works as is. Of course, it helps that my models are naturally beautiful (naks!) but I must admit that you can just see from the photos, the effectivity of the products that we have used.

So in conclusion, we have used the product not because the agreement said so it's because it ACTUALLY WORKS (at least for us) because I have tried it personally and no, we did not touch any of the faces in the "Just You" photos because that was the concept --- no need for it --- "Just You".

Hope this helps.


Monday, May 28, 2012


MAY 28, 2012
11:49 AM

On May 26, 2012, plus size model, Loren M. went to Philippine Fashion Week along with her friends and family, and she looked fierce and hot wearing this Erzullie Tube Dress! She completed her look with a black capelet, floral net stockings, small black and silver bag and blue heels.

So Fierce!!!

To get this tube dress, visit: to order!



Sunday, May 27, 2012


MAY 27, 2012
11:17 PM

This is the last blog post about the Superb! Bazaar! We just want to thank you girls so much for supporting us all throughout the 5 day feat! (It's our first!) Because of you, some styles were completely sold out and we are really thankful for it!

We would also like to thank the Super Sale team for allowing us to be part of this wonderful event. It was really a great opportunity for us to learn and grow!

We will be producing the Pre-Holiday 2012 soon. Keep in touch for that! We will be releasing it on our next bazaar around July 2012.



P.S. As of the first look for Pre-Holiday 2012 we "may" (just may) not have it for this collection. However, the Holiday 2012 collection will definitely have! Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


MAY 26, 2012
6:01 AM

Just another quick blog post before I head to SMX. We don't want traffic! Lol!

It was a very adventurous day yesterday! We want to thank the new Erzulliestas that went in our booth to support the brand! We are always very happy to serve you!

Below are some of the clothes that you girls loved the most yesterday!

These are already sold out!

and oh... ERRATA! We actually found 1 last piece which is 4L in size for this design:

YOU GIRLS can grab this ONE LAST PIECE at the bazaar today! ^^




Thursday, May 24, 2012


MAY 24, 2012
11:25 PM

Just another quick blog before I hit the sack! ^^

Erzulliestas drop by (old and new!) and they loved the following clothes the most! Thank you for your continued support!

Hope to see more of you girls these upcoming days! The Superb! Bazaar is until May 27 (Sunday); 10am-9pm at the SMX Convention Center, (near SM Mall of Asia) Pasay City.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012


MAY 23, 2012
10:54 PM

Just wanna place a very quick blog before I rest. It was a very fun filled day! We would like to thank all the old and new Erzulliestas that dropped by today in our booth! Because of your girls, some of our styles are already sold out! ^^

Here they are!


Thank you for your continued support! We hope to meet other Erzulliestas in the following days!



Tuesday, May 22, 2012


MAY 22, 2012
8:40 pm

Just got home from the ingress for Erzullie's Superb! Bazaar (May 23-27, 2012; 10am-9pm) at the SMX Convention Center, (near SM Mall of Asia) Pasay City.

We are very proud to say that because of your support, we are able to update our bazaar facilities. You girls will definitely love our new bazaar set up! Our fitting room is bigger and better than ever! Our structure has definitely changed! Hope you girls would love it as much as we do! (We improved it as a response to some of your feedback. We really love that!)

Thank you for supporting the brand! We always value your loyalty and support for it!



Wednesday, May 16, 2012


MAY 16, 2012
12:51 PM

Just wanted to share this to anyone who has been bullied and hurt and was able to survive. Remember --- POMO. Push On. Move On.

Love you girls!



May 16, 2012
7:58 AM



We are very honored to announce that we are now part of the Andrada sister's fashion and art studio in Quezon City.

We now have an outlet in F*Art Fashion Art located at J. Erestain cor. K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City.

To be honest, I was geeking out when I went to their studio because I am a fan of "the" Happy Andrada. She's really a talented, creative and gifted Filipina designer.

See the map above for details. We would like to thank plus size blogger Gelleesh. It was because of your F*Art post that we knew about the place and actually have the courage to ask if they can have us.



Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May 15, 2012
11:09 am


You heard it right ladies. We have started the production for the pre-Holiday 2012 collection already.We actually want to thank all of you for making it possible. Because of your support, we have enough budget to come up with 2 fabulous collections for the Holiday 2012. In fact, the support was so grand, we are able to slice it up into two exquisite collections. We are now dividing it into Pre-Holiday and Holiday 2012.

Thank you for supporting the brand that supports you. We really dedicate all of our designs to you girls. You are the reason why our fashion line, Erzullie, exists then, oday and tomorrow. Thank you.

From the development of concept, to the photoshoot, to the drawing of the designs, to the selection of fabrics, down to the screening of models and final touches--- everything! We (Erzullie family) all have you in mind because you inspired us deeply. To you girls, the focus was more on how powerful you are as you --- whatever size it is and as designers, we eat it all up! \

Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

We love you girls as much as you love us back!



Friday, May 11, 2012


MAY 11, 2012
1:36 PM

We would like to invite everyone to our upcoming bazaar ---

SUPERB! BAZAAR on May 23-27, 2012 (10:00 pm - 9:00 pm) at SMX, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. 

It is actually a great honor to be part of this bazaar because this is a designers only event and we are happy to pass the screening to represent the plus size category!


- Buy the latest Resort 2012 collection of Erzullie
- Get up to 50% off on selected items
- We will be bringing back some of our fiercest plus size fashions!
- We are launching our whole new look for the bazaar!

Hope to see you there!



P.S. We are giving away 5 tickets! ^^ Who wants one? BBM us or Tweet (@erzullie) us on the day to see if there are still some tickets left!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


MAY 10, 2012
12:04 PM

There is an ongoing international debate on defining what is 'plus size'. With the gaining popularity for body acceptance and curvy fashion, it seems like the warriors of the this cause is facing another obstacle --- actually defining what is plus size.

You know. I'll be very honest with this. When we started the fashion line, Erzullie, we just wanted to make clothes that would fit me and Berna because we are bigger than what is being produced out there. Even the large could not fit me anymore and there is a lack of XL.

We did not know any better at that point so we were thinking that maybe XL is already part of the plus size section. That is why, when we launched the fashion line, we got the L as the smallest (honestly, I really did not know why we chose to start with L, clearly it was still part of the regular size division) and the biggest would be 4L.

After a year and more in the plus size fashion industry or even the fashion industry in general, personally, I have realized, right now, this morning, that there is no definite definition of 'what is plus size' for the Philippines. In fact, I have realized that we, too, as a plus size fashion line has a long way to go in understanding what is plus size.


We love listening to some of our customers and here are some of the points that they kept on repeating:

1. your plus size measurement is too big

2. you plus size measurement is too small

3. your plus size models are too small/ they are not plus size at all.

4. your plus size models are too big

I can't blame them of course because I have realized, right now, that we haven't fully defined what is plus size. I mean, if I think about it, I even have some customers who I keep on forbidding to buy because they are regular size and yet they find solace in the size and style of the brand, so in my mind --- who am I to stop them?

Is plus size L and above? What is the measurement really? Is being plus size a mind set? Also we are in Asia where most women have a smaller body frame, our plus size women here are considered average in the western part of the world --- so what are we then?

Many debaters say that size 14 and up are plus size. There is even a controversy of some designers hiring 'plus size models' of size 8-10, which angers the plus size community. Then I read in another debate that plus size models should be size 18 and above (Fluvia Lacerda, the current plus size super model is size 18).

If the first point holds true then I am not plus size. I am size 12. If the second point holds true then I am plus size. I am size 12 and if the final point is true, size 18, then even Berna, who is curvier than me (size 14) is not plus size.

But if we adhere to a universal standard, isn't it still biased because it all depends on the country or life spectrum you are in? I mean if we applied these points to our country oh wow, it's going to be crazier because one country and life spectrum is definitely different from another.

Then if it does depend from the differences in view and geography, who should be the people in that view or location that can declare what is 'plus size'? The first one that calls themselves expert? The strongest one? The first one that made it popular? The most popular one? The most sincere? Who can really define what plus size is?

So the question remains in everyone's mind "Am I Plus Size?"

As a plus size fashion line here in our country, we have decided to go with the first point of the smallest should be size 14 because we think that it's more applicable here in a country. Believe it or not girls, we are still swarming with a lot of skinny Filipinas, most of which think that they are not --- which is crazy! Size 14 technically is already considered curvy in our country given our counterparts.

After a year and more with business, after catering to sizes 10 (the second point we followed) we have realized that it's still being catered by some of the fashion retailers out there, so they are taken of already. They don't need us as much. Of course, we have made Erzullie to serve the ones that has been ignored by the present market that needs fashionable clothes, so we have placed up the ante to size 14 as the smallest and so on. Hopefully, as our business grow, so does our size range.

Again, let me emphasize that we are not the end all of anything plus size. We try our best to know the latest and give you the best as Erzullie. Making our smallest size 14 petite US is a small step and can be deemed insignificant to others, but at least for now, this is our answer until we truly find out ourselves.

What do you think? To yourself, ask: "Am I Plus Size?"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


May 9, 2012
9:53 am

Erzulliestas! We have finally finished setting up our pinterest! View our latest collections there and tell us what you think! We also re-pinned some of our favorite plus size photos that we have seen there. Let's dominate the site!


Aries De Guzman

Saturday, May 5, 2012


MAY 5, 2012
7:37 PM

It's cinco de mayo! We decided to change our profile photo for this month of May and place Erzullie Icon Jhaki D.! Love it? We sure do!




May 5, 2012
7:26 pm

Erzulliestas! Stay connected with us via BBM! Scan the code above using your Blackberry or place in the BBM pin: 285DE66F. You can course all of your inquiries and concern about the fashion line there!

BBM later, ladies!