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Friday, June 1, 2012


June 1, 2012
9:24 am

Jhaki (David-Calanoc), just like Khris (Guarin), has inspired a lot of plus size women and a lot of new Erzulliestas came out because of them. I love her style because whatever it is, you know --- IT'S JHAKI. --- Aries De Guzman, on why Jhaki David became a model again for Resort 2012

1.       Name:  

Jhaki David-Calanoc

2.       Occupation:  

Sr.Account Executive / Business Unit Head

3.       Before you became an icon, what was your journey as a plus size woman? What was the meaning of being ‘plus size’ to you? Why?

I was always on the chubby side since I was a little girl. I also went through the bullying stage from others and being insecure of being fat plus I also suffered from anorexia nervosa and iron deficiency anemia during my teens.

Luckily,  I am blessed with a partner, a family and best friends  that believes in me and supports my dreams, they are the ultimate source of both inspiration and confidence. And as my perspective grows I decided to accept myself and embrace my curves.

Instead of letting them put  a good spirit down, I look at the brighter side of things with the help of positive attitude.

I love feeling good, taking care of myself and wearing what I want.

On the other hand, being a “Plus Size” is also a privilege. I am just one of the Plus Size women out there who wants to inspire others and who seek changes when it comes to beauty and fashion world. But I didn’t know how, until I was chosen as one of the Erzullie Icons.

4.       Before you were an Icon, were you already able to come into terms with your body? If yes, how did you come about accepting yourself as plus size?

Before being part of Erzullie as an Icon, I already accepted and love myself  the way I was created by God.
However,  there are still questions in my mind. Like, why I have slow metabolism? Why I’m not skinny? Why I’m not long legged? And so on and so forth.

Later on, I realized that I was born this way for a reason. I was destined to inspire other women who are also facing the same issue with their body.

5.       What triggered you to accept yourself as a plus size woman? Why?

I decided to look at the bright side of being a plus size. Instead of comparing myself  to others especially when it comes to body measurements, I bear in my mind that diversity is beautiful and all we need to do is to embrace and accept our uniqueness.

Through Erzullie, I discover a lot in the Plus Size world.  I met the most beautiful, kind and talented plus size people. Erzullie opened my eyes to accept my imperfections and to be contented plus appreciate more what I have.

6.       As an Erzullie Icon, you did some fashion projects, what was your most favorite and memorable? Why?

I had numerous favorite and memorable moments with Erzullie as a brand and also with the people behind it.  So far, my top favorite was The Erzullie and Empresario Fashion Show. It was my first runway walk. I love it!

7.       How did being an Erzullie Icon, in general, change you as a plus size woman? Did it enrich you or you just feel the same about it? How so and why?

Erzullie developed  my skills professionally and enhanced my personal relationship with other people.

8.       During your iconship, you have met other people who are also part of the plus size community from regular customers to people actually working on the field of the plus size fashion industry, did that change your perception of what plus size is? How and why?

I always admire and always will respect the plus size people. I was amazed to found out that there are many plus size women out there, just like me.

9.       To you then, what is plus size? Is it about measurement or outlook? Elaborate

  Being a Plus Size is more than just our body measurements. It’s more of the way we see it and our attitudes towards being a plus size.  If you are confident that you are sexy and beautiful, then everyone will agree.

10.   What is your message to the plus size community, in general? What do you think is the most important thing that they should know about how they should handle their body right now? 

Perfection isn't fixed and diversity is beautiful. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and all of us still have room for improvements.

I believe that God blessed me with a full figured body and large structured bones for a reason and that's my inspiration to love myself.

I looked at the physical differences on a broader spectrum, that sizes must not limit you from reaching the dream and it doesn't make you any less to anybody. Keep your spirit up, be kind to others, accept and love yourself.