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Saturday, June 9, 2012


June 9, 2012
9:23 AM

This actually has been hanging on my head for quite some time. Do we have to put on make up everyday?

I actually love make up. I love it, but I do not wear heavy make up every day. I will be lying if I said that I put on heavy, full on make up every single day. Most of my days are in a rush balancing work and business. The least that I do would be putting on my facial moisturizer and my vit. e lip gloss and I am good to go (sometimes minus the lip gloss). I am more into taking care of the skin.

But then with the advent of social media and of course, the ever trust worthy (?) magazines it seems like everyone is always on full on make up --- or at least at first glance. Then there is this sudden pressure to always look flawless and 'fashionable'/pretty. That is why, I think, there is a resurgence of people out there who says that 'make up is superficial'.

I wonder then do we have to put on make up everyday, if we do, are we shallow?

When I took a step back, I have realized that wait a minute, it's their (social media related to fashion and magazines) job to always look like they have full on make up. Geez! Just realized that it was only my own lack of understanding that is why I feel the pressure.

What we see in the social media and fashion magazines, as Angela Alarcon of Mega Magazine, puts it are 'hyper realities'. These pages both in social media and magazines, related to fashion, are an escape for our own day to day existence. They are made to excite. They are made to provoke thought. They are made to sell through those ways which is the visual effects of everything in it!

For short, we don't have to take it literally, but the level of how we take it (lightly or heavily), now depends on our own perception. Make up is a personal thing (men and women alike). It's a way of expressing our own preferences, just like in clothes. We are all not required to do it and we are also not required to judge anyone for using it.

Putting on make up does not necessarily mean you are shallow or insecure of your looks, while not putting on make up does not make you 'less beautiful'. At the end of the day, it depends on your own personal reason that you don't have to explain to anyone else.

So for me, my personal opinion is, I put on heavy make up whenever I need to for the rest of the days, I do not. How about you?