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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


OCTOBER 2, 2012
11:13 AM


I know that it's only the last quarter and I am already talking about the year 2013 for Erzullie. Well you know me, I like being transparent about the brand. ^^ So here it goes.

I am actually responsible for the CORPORATE 2013 collection (Me, Aries hehe) and I have actually drawn around 3 different collections for it and I am still not satisfied. I'm not being hard on myself but I love to delight my Erzulliestas with something fresh and new. As an Erzulliesta myself, if I am not delighted by it... then what would my sisters (other Erzulliestas) think of it? They are all DIVAS and GODDESSES (NAKS) in their own right and they deserve a MIND BLOWING COLLECTION.

Not these pieces of crap I have right now. Haha.

I will be honest... the collections that I have drawn so far are not fresh, new and exciting. I have seen all of them before in one form and another and as a designer, I'm supposed to create something different... Something to look forward to, at least. The collections that I have planned so far for the Corporate 2013 collections looks forced and I hate that because I only want to make something out of love.

Berna and I started this fashion line for the love of plus size women and the passion for fierce plus size fashion so, for us to start doing this for other things is completely illogical and against the core belief of the line.

As such, Berna and I have decided to push the release of the Corporate 2013 collection to June 2013 instead of the usual intended January. *clamor* I know, I know, but I'd rather that we wait for the best thing all the time rather than the 'next thing' only. Right?

Since we are going to start preparing for the best for the Erzulliestas, we are also going to be very diligent in training and also finding the best plus size models to represent the brand. So hopefully, with the Top 50 that we have found, we will be able to find the most professional, kind and fiercest plus size models. (A good, sincere, positive attitude is number 1 for me because that you cannot train people to do...)

Anyway, I will update you as I go along. Okay? The bazaar schedule continues on until December 2012. After that, well, more surprises for you girls.