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Friday, October 26, 2012


1. This is your 3rd collection with the fashion line is it not? How does it feel to represent the fashion line 3 straight times in a row? 

It's always a great honor for me to not only represent the brand during events or new releases, but actually carry it in my day to day life.

Yes it is my 3rd time to represent the brand and I'm looking forward for more to come! :)

2. We have also heard that you have been hired to model some plus size garments. Can you tell us more about it? Also, how did you feel working as a professional plus size model? 

Erzullie has indeed opened the doors of opportunity for me in the fashion industry. Through the "exposure" hehehe, I got discovered and was offered some projects. The recent project was about a website that features Filipino plus size designers. I got to model these brands, including my very own Erzullie.

Working as a plus size model and promoting plus size Filipino designers is like taking my passion to the next level. It encourages me to improve my modeling skills to give justice to their creations. But despite the challenges, nothing beats the happiness and fulfillment gained from these experiences.

3. As a plus size model and Erzullie icon, what can you tell other aspiring plus size models out there about it? Like what are the top 3 tips that you can give to them about being one?

3 simple tips for you: First of all, you must love yourself, what you have and how you look because God knows you are beautiful when He made you. Second, know your purpose. This is not just about you. This is about the many plus size women who will be looking up to you and how you will be able to touch their lives in a positive way. Third, practice practice practice! If you really want to be successful in modeling, it's important to constantly improve your skills and discover new things. You must always surprise the public! :)
4. How do you think Erzullie is doing so far? Was it different from the first time that you have modeled for them? Why or why not? (Resort 2012 vs. Holiday 2012) What do you think is the difference of the Resort from the Pre-Holiday and Holiday collections?

Erzullie has gone a long long way! And what's good about the designers of Erzullie is they never stop improving and discovering new things for the brand. They always think out of the box and see how they can cater to the changing demands of their customers which is a key strength of the brand. Difference between the two collections? They have their own unique styles, Resorts was more of the edgy and dashing styles while the Holiday was more of the classy and elegant.

5. It's obvious that the 2 designers of the line, Aries and Berna, have completely different aesthetics when it comes to design. Since you have modeled for both collections (Aries for Resort 2012 and Berna for both Pre-Holiday and Holiday 2012), what do you think is the major difference between the two (design wise) and personally, do you think that this makes the line confusing or more 'Erzullie'?

In terms of personality, Aries is more of the sociable "darling of the crowd", assertive and "kikay" type. This reflects her Resort 2012 collection which includes innovative styles and different colors perfect for day out with family and all night parties with friends. As for Berna, she is the more quiet and demure type.  In terms of style, Berna is expert in terms of creating the basic ones, as what she did for the Resorts 2012. For the Holiday 2012, Berna took her designs into the next level, from the basics now to the classy and sophisticated pieces.

I must say that both of them are perfect compliments of each other. With their diversity, this is the reason why Erzullie is getting even more in demand by the increasing market. Why? For me, as I speak not only as their model but also as their customer, this is exactly what we are looking for. A brand that is diverse and constantly adopts to the varying needs of their customers.

6. Out of all the photo shoots for the Erzullie collections so far, the Pre-Holiday 2012 campaign was the most buzzed about, why do you think that is the case? How do you feel about it? 

I believe there are different reasons why the latest campaign has been the most trending. In my own view, this is because of the change of advocacy of the brand. I remember last year, Holiday 2011, the campaign was more of plus size getting out of the dark and telling everyone that we exist and we are no different from anyone. This time, the designers realize that the women that they are representing do not actually care what other people say. That we are confident on how we look, with our qualities and strengths. That we believe we are beautiful and are successful in our different fields. This is what Erzullie is all about.

7. Since you have experienced modelling for both designers and with the next batch of plus size models coming in, what is the greatest advice that you can give them with regards to booking a modeling or Erzullie Icon position with the fashion line?

You must have the right reason. Apart from the self confidence and skills, the most important thing is you must first realize why you want to do plus size modeling. Is it because you just want to get exposed? You want to wear nice clothes in the public? I joined Erzullie for a greater reason, and that is to promote the advocacy of the brand. I want to touch others lives and influence them to love and believe in themselves.

8. You have also worked with another Erzullie Icon, Katrina Catapia, how is she to work with? What can you say about her?

Not a dull moment with her! Kat is very fun to work with. Working with her is just like playing in the shoot. But I'd like to mention, Kat is someone who can really blow you away when in action. She has this natural skills and connection with the camera as evidenced by the pictures. Looking at her photos, you end up asking "Kat, is that you??" hehehe.

9. As an Erzullie Icon, did you feel a change in you personally? Do you feel better than you were before? Why or why not?

Definitely! I became more confident of myself. As an Erzullie Icon, I became more conscious in ensuring I always look my best as well as do my best in everything I do. In this simple way I hope I am able to influence others to do the same. :)

10. Message to all the Erzulliestas out there. 

Hi fellow Erzulliestas! I hope you continue to strive to be successful in whatever you do. Also, continue to have a good heart and to spread love to everyone.  Bottomline is, looks will just fade. What's important is your character because this will define your true beauty.

Enjoy life! I hope to meet all of you in the future! :)