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Sunday, January 1, 2012


January 1, 2012
3:45 pm


Well it's the first day of the year and we want to start it awwwweeesome! Here is our resolutions for the brand and what lies ahead for you, Erzulliestas!!!

1. We will produce Maxi Pants for RESORT 2012

In fact, I will dedicate a nice teaser photo for that one.

2. We will produce more styles.

We hear your cries Erzulliestas and we have listened. We will be expanding our line this Resort 2012. Expect some basics to come on your way, so when you do buy a high fashion item, you can also find a top that goes with it!

3. We will produce more for each size.

To be honest, we only produce 6 pieces each size and design (so that is around 30 pieces from L-4L each product). Through the course of our business life, we have decided to increase it from 6 to 8 pieces. This is to ensure your uniqueness and also quality.

4. Fiestier Lookbooks

Being the head of the Resort 2012, I have decided to increase the ante on our look books/catalogue. Hopefully, you girls will lov eit.

5. Streamline the search for the Erzullie Icon.

Details to follow

Well these are the top 5 of our list of changes. We hope that you are liking it so far!


Aries De Guzman


I have been hired by a US company to write and blog for them about fashion. With permission, I was able to post this on the Erzullie site as well! Love it! 
December 31, 2011
It’s the start of the New Year so let’s start fresh! What better way to do that than making your own personal resolution to start building and investing in your own personal style!
Let’s be honest, we all tend to get lost in the magazines and the glamour of a store and tend to buy things without thinking twice. At times, even if we do chances are, as soon as we take it home, it builds dust in the closet. Why is that? It’s because it’s really not our style.
So how do we find our true personal style? Here is a step by step procedure on how to make sure that you find your way through the jungle that is your closet!
1. Group them up by shade then color.
Take out all of your clothes from your closet. (Just the clothes for now ladies, the shoes is a different topic). Group them by shade of color first — Light and Dark. Afterwards, see which shade has the most number of clothes.
Take that bigger pile and then group them according to color. Then, see what is your real favorite color, which is basically the color that has the most number of clothes.
2. Group them up by levels of fashion.
Now that you know your real color preference in terms of shade and color, it is time to group them by levels of fashion. There are 3 major levels of fashion — basic, moderate and high. Basics are your plain tops/bottoms/dresses that does not have any other print and detailing on them. Your moderates are those with prints, details and different structures already. High fashion items, on the other hand, are those that are usually sparkling, shimmery and absolutely looks expensive.
After grouping them up by levels of fashion, determine which one are you investing heavily on (which is ultimately determined by the number of items per level). Take note of this.
If your plains dominate your closet, then this is an indication that you are more into the quiet, comfortable, casual looks.
If you own mostly moderates, this indicates that you are in a little experimental side.
If you have a lot of high fashion items, then this definitely says that your style is all about the glitz and the glamour.
3. Take note of your lifestyle.
Now that you know your physical preferences when it comes to fashion. Let’s talk about the application of it. Does your preference, as shown through the exercise, really serve and reflect the lifestyle that you are having?
If you find yourself saying “No”, then it’s time for you to start re-thinking your choices for your fashion items. After all, Fashion is the expression of our selves and if ever you did say “no” to the question, that clearly states that you are not in-tune to what is really going on with your life and within you.
On the other hand, if you have said yes to the question, then that’s great news! It means that you do have a sense of your personal style! From this, save the clothes of your favorite shade and level of fashion and rummage through the rest. See which ones you can still fit in with your preference and donate those that you know you haven’t used in a year (except great, season-only clothes!).
We hope this article helped you in discovering your true personal style. This new year brings in a whole new opportunity to discover yourself— so start by being honest with yourself and be true to your real personal style!
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