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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello Erzulliestas!

I know that it has been a while since I have posted of any nice informational value to you. Since my tirade in twitter is over, I am now back to blogging. I will only be using the twitter to connect with you gals! (Tweet with me! @erzullie)

Anyway, here are the 5 things that I think all plus size women should have. Now remember, these are just suggestions. This list is not the list of the things that you should have. In fact, these things are the ones  that save my day everyday, as I juggle through career, business, love and life all at the same time. So if you have other life-saving must-haves for other Erzulliestas, feel free to comment!


I am a fan of black flats. I am 5"1' and I know that I am short and need heels at times, but you have to admit curvies, as much as we want to stay on our fabulous heels the whole day, we cannot. There is always a breaking point. Personally, I think that the heels of the shoes today are too extreme. That is why thank you for the person that made black flats available to every one.

The reason that this is a must have is because it goes with everything and it's comfortable. Of course, you have to choose quality over "desirability" (like the style and brand name). Choose flats that looks sophisticated and chic. You can also choose the style according to what suits your foot shape. For general purposes, choose the black flats that has a soft, stitched around insole, rigged sole, semi round/pointed shape. These goes with your corporate down to the morning after the club scene.


Most of my pieces are from Erzullie and we all know for a fact that as a Fierce Plus Size Fashion line, our pieces can be too eye-catching. We need to "dumb it down" a little bit with something plain and my always trusted bet is the BLACK TANK TOP. Not only does this goes with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, it also transforms as an inner for your sheer tops, corporate blazers (provided it's closed), or your just day-to-day activities.

In selecting though, make sure that when you try it on, you try it on with lights. This way, you will know if your boobs and bra is not showing. Nothing says "cheap working girl" than a girl that shoes her boobs and colored bra in a professional workplace.

Make sure that you also select the most plain one at all. NO Glitters... NO Pockets... NO lace... NO other detailing than the cloth's texture. Just a plain black tank top.

Finally, in selecting the right black tank top, make sure that it hugs your body perfectly does not show a lot of cleavage as well as side boob.

The possibilities for this top is ENDLESS.


Erzulliestas, listen up. A long thin necklace goes a looong way. Of course, this depends on your preference.

My suggestion is the long string of pearls type. This will add both femininity on your outfit as well as narrowing and elongation of the torso. It also drives the attention away from your arms and big boobs. By just putting this on, I tell you, you will look feminine, elongated and narrowed. It's an instant fashion magic!

Combine this with the black tank top and the right straight cut jeans, and voila! Instant chic!


Nothing says "polished" more than a well structured and tailored outerwear. When I say structured, I am talking about your corporate blazer being tailored to fully hug your curves properly. Choose one that emphasizes a narrow waist to have that perfect hour glass figure.

Blazers/Outerwear is not only for the office, in a mad dash to go to a lunch at the mall, a simple outfit can become tres chic when  you put on a well-tailored, structured outerwear.


We all love our skinny jeans, but the straight cut ones never goes out of style. Make sure that the jeans you chose does not show your butt crack when you sit, nor does it create a muffin top either. It should also end after your ankles as to not make stumps out of your legs.

This type of jean will elongate you and give you a sleeker look than the skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will trace your curves and will actually reveal, in the nearest sense, what your legs look like. On the other hand, straight cut jeans will literally elongate your legs, making you look taller and more fluid.

Straight cut jeans can also be worn from your daily errands down to your jet setting life. You know we must more denim than any other cloth. (Working woman right?)


Actually as I write this, I will be honest... The number 5 is not enough. The list can go on actually, but I don't want to overwhelm you. I will set out another blog for that.


Aries De Guzman