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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 21, 2012
12:11 pm



I know that some of you girls are also waiting for the applications for the Erzullie Icons to open up. As we have mentioned before, we are opening it on September (the latest).

So it's better to reserve your energies for that month. We have been receiving some applications and we are grateful, however, to be fair for everyone, we will only entertain once we have given the official announcement that it is now open. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Also, as we have mentioned before, we are changing some things for the fashion line to better cater you girls. With that, there would also be changes for the requirements of being an icon. Again, we will be announcing it  by September.

I hope that this clears up. For a little heads up, we are really looking for someone is who is all about the cause that the brand is portraying.




March 21, 2012
10:56 AM


Truth be told, we are very blessed to have awesome Erzulliestas, supporting us all the way from one collection to another, from one bazaar to the next and from one fashion show to another. Because of your support for more than one year in business, we are still handing here right now. We would like to thank all of you for doing so.

Because of your efforts, more and more Erzulliestas are connecting with us and with that, the fashion line is definitely growing. In fact, because of you, we have come up with enough budget to produce 2 separate collections for the holiday. We are now dividing it into Pre-Holiday 2012 and Holiday 2012. 

Of course, the first look will be done for each so you better watch out for it. So far, we are gauging that the Pre-Holiday will be released by June or July and the Holiday on October.

In another note, we are also about to change our sizing to conform with the international requirements. We are now going to say good bye to the size L and focusing more on the 1L to 4L. We are also going to conform with the foreign standards of plus size clothing so we are now adjusting out measurements. (A new measurement table will be uploaded).

Finally, we have made changes with our multiply site as well. You can now view the whole new Resort 2012 look book here: