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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May 15, 2012
11:09 am


You heard it right ladies. We have started the production for the pre-Holiday 2012 collection already.We actually want to thank all of you for making it possible. Because of your support, we have enough budget to come up with 2 fabulous collections for the Holiday 2012. In fact, the support was so grand, we are able to slice it up into two exquisite collections. We are now dividing it into Pre-Holiday and Holiday 2012.

Thank you for supporting the brand that supports you. We really dedicate all of our designs to you girls. You are the reason why our fashion line, Erzullie, exists then, oday and tomorrow. Thank you.

From the development of concept, to the photoshoot, to the drawing of the designs, to the selection of fabrics, down to the screening of models and final touches--- everything! We (Erzullie family) all have you in mind because you inspired us deeply. To you girls, the focus was more on how powerful you are as you --- whatever size it is and as designers, we eat it all up! \

Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you.

We love you girls as much as you love us back!