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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I know that I say thank you a lot all of a sudden, but I wouldn't have it any other way because there is so many things to be thankful for. I know that yesterday is the brand's 2nd anniversary and I guess I got too overwhelmed with happiness, gratitude and love, that I didn't know what else to put in our thank you address for our 2nd birthday. Immediately, of course, the Erzulliestas came into mind, so I wrote about that immediately. Inspiration goes where it should be.

But of course, at least, now I have a clearer head so, here are some more people that we want to thank for the success of Erzullie and its continued growth. Apologies if it's a little late, but I hope that my gratitude is still accepted.

1. - Our fashion family. How can we ever forget you? You are the first group of people that guided us when our brand was just new and even accepted us. When a group of fresh Filipino designers accepted us, we knew that we were doing the right thing about are brand. Thank you Ms. Steph for actually accepting us. We are eternally grateful for

2. - I know that we are just a small inkblot to your history but I must admit, if it wasn't for all of the great women of, allowing us to be part of "The Mall" our brand would not be where it is right now. It won't even be considered as high fashion and our brand's image would not be as fierce as it is. It was because of these people that is why we were featured in PREVIEW MAGAZINE and COSMOPOLITAN. EMG... thank you! ^^ *** In this regard, we would also like to thank all the honest stylists out there who asked for a pull out from us and all the TV and Radio shows that featured us. Thank you! ^^

3. Cheena Ng Lio of Amour - I would like to thank you for just being you because I will never forget the day that I saw you first time personally in Rockwell Tent and you gave me the first best advice that I have ever heard as a designer and entrepreneur (and I am still doing it today) --- WEAR YOUR CLOTHES. Lol. You are right. These are our designs. We should be wearing them.

4. - Our first home. How can we forget? We opened our fashion line with you. Because of this, THANK YOU.

5. Eton De Guzman, web designer - We would like to thank you because of your skills and your keen eye for what a high fashion website would look like. With your multiply layouts, you have elevated our brand to where it is now.

6. Manila Streetstyle - You know that you have made it as a designer in the Indie Industry if your brand is seen in this wonderful fashion site. Thank you so much for featuring us and even making us part of the brand list that you have on your site. The day that you have found us worthy to be part of your site was the day we felt that we can actually keep on doing this and make it grow as a bigger, more fierce brand than it is. With that, thank you! Thank you so much! ^^

7. Emily Loren Opida, Tin Lapid and Michelle Luciano - Our first photographers for our first few collections. Thank you very much for actually existing, being available, being a great friend/supporter and of course, being a photographer! ^^ Without you girls, HOW WILL WE SHOW OUR CLOTHES? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

8. Acie De Guzman - Mare! Thank you for always being our hair and make up artist when needed. You are an amazing and talented hair and Make Up Artist and the only way for your career is up because honestly, I cannot see a scenario where it would not. Lol.

9. Joppee Genato - Our asst. Hair artist. Of course, another great thank you for always being there assisting Mareng Acie with our projects. You are an amazing person! Thank you!

10. Our Models and Icons - Of course! Where would we be without you girls? Erzullie is the fiercest plus size brand out there because of you! Real Plus Size Women modeling for me! I love you girls. Super thank you. ^^

11. Our employees and staff - From the production to the bazaar assistant people, thank you so much. Erzullie wouldn't be alive without the nanays of Taytay, Rizal and also the fabric merchants of the area. Thank you so much. You have helped us create Erzullie as it is. Here is to hoping for more growth for all of us! Sulong, Taytay Economy! Naks!

12. Mark Alvarez - Our latest photographer. Sir Mark... thank you so much for actually giving time for us to actually shoot our products. I mean, honestly, a photographer of your caliber? It's an honor to be able to work with you. Thank you so much. You actually help us elevate our brand into it's higher level of fierceness. Thank you so much! We hope that we continue to work with you as our brand grows.

13. Rouge Studio - EMG! Rouge Studio, thank you so much (Sir Gelbert) Thank you so much!!! I am so happy that I have found your studio and I am pretty sure that we will be doing more photoshoots there as our brand grows. Haha.

14. Me and Berna's family - You guys supported us one way or another and we would like to give you guys a huge thanks! ^^

15. Bazaar Neighbors and ORGANIZERS - Rome, Flattering Tops, Peace Love & Fashion, The Little Blackshop, Chubbly and so on. You guys are a delight to be neighbors with and honestly, it's a laughtrip every time I see you guys so, THANK YOU SO MUCH. ^^ Super Sale Team, Global Pinoy Bazaar and Rockwell Management --- thank you so much for giving us avenues to see our Erzulliestas almost once a month. We really appreciate it. Thank you! ^^

16. Fabric - Our first fashion show was because of you and it was such a blast. Thank you so much for featuring us in your roster of designers.

17. Bloggers that featured us - It was because of your effort that the word about Erzullie got out in the first place. Thank you so much. Both international and local, magazines and blogs, we really appreciate it. Thank you! ^^

18. Empresario Manila - Thank you for a very successful Holiday 2011 fashion show. Because of you girls, we were able to meet our latest icons and models and now the Erzullie family is growing. Thank you so much.

This list can go on but who has the time to read it all? Lol. Anyway, to anyone who needs to be thanked but is not in this list, THANK YOU. We love you.

Super hugs to every one!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



We are very happy to know that you Erzulliestas are loving our whole new website! ^^ Thank you very much for the sudden surge of orders!

We have updated our catalogue so that you can see what's left of the sizes of the designs. Some are already sold out! ^^





See you this weekend, Erzulliestas! ^^ Erzullie: Fierce Fashion for Plus Size Ladies anniversary bazaar at the Global Pinoy bazaar, Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall, Makati City on November 10-11, 2012 (10am-10pm). Enjoy the latest collection and discounts on some of the past items!




Living a life of luxury is not only about buying and having expensive things. Luxury is basically surrounding yourself with things that give you pleasure and make you feel like a QUEEN. So whether it's cheap thrills at the bazaar or a simple book and time for yourself, it's still considered as a luxury! ^^

Experiencing these simple luxuries of life will definitely relax you and make you feel confident about yourself. So start today! ^^ Lol. Live a life of luxury, Erzulliesta!




Attention Plus Size Models who attended the Go-See last October 2012,

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