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Thursday, January 10, 2013


They say that a woman is more interesting with an air of mystery. Erzulliestas know that very well so they each and have their own personal secrets that they will never tell. Well, you can add this one to your list ladies --- Erzullie will be having a "secret sale".

This is highly exclusive to Erzulliestas who will ask for their pre-vite and confirm. Laced with personal shoppers, fierce plus size fashion, social chatting and drinks, can this event get anymore glamorous?

OH YES IT CAN, Ladies! You know we never go beyond the 50% off route with some of our designs, but in this "secret sale" we are willing to give up to 70% off. This will only happen once, Erzulliestas, and you know when we make a promise, we make sure we keep it.

See you there!