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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hi Erzulliestas!

I’m Timmy Mariano. I am currently a 3rd year advertising student who wishes to pursue a career in the Plus-size fashion industry, one of the reasons why I took the opportunity to be Erzullie's Fashion Intern this summer! It is a prerequisite for us, to undergo 160 hours of Practicum with any approved company which that would helpful in our upcoming Thesis class.

The market for Plus-size women is only starting to grow and being a Plus size woman, trying to enter the fashion industry, makes it so much harder for me to "break in", so I need to know more about my future market to better understand this industry.

“My Fierce Experience” is about my step by step entry while trying to make it in this industry, from hour one to hour 160. I created this column to share my experiences to all Erzulliestas who also wish to enter the fashion industry and also (maybe) inspire other plus-size ladies to enter the same industry; May it be modeling, fashion designing or fashion merchandising.


My first duty as a fashion intern for Erzullie is being a receptionist at the SECRET SALE last February 16, 2013 at the Caffeccino Function Room in Eastwood City.

I know what most of you are thinking... RECEPTIONIST?! How’s that relevant to the fashion industry?

Well it may not sound as glamorous as the other jobs out there, but at least I got to start somewhere!
To tell you the truth, being a Receptionist is not that bad (but not in a way that I’m gonna change my career! Heck no, I’m in for the long run!). I actually enjoyed my job as a receptionist. I got to meet some really gorgeous plus size ladies and models that further inspired me to pursue this career. I also had the chance to talk to Ms. Aries and Ms. Berna who shared with me some of their past experiences in this Industry. The only down part is that I really didn’t see what was happening during the actual sale.

After this, I’m very much looking forward to my “next steps” in this industry; all I can say is.. BRING IT ON!

By the way, for those Erzulliestas who missed the Secret Sale event, Here’s what you missed.

10 percent off form the Holiday 2012 collection

50 percent off from Corporate and Resort 2012 collection

70 percent of on all collections from 2011 to 2010! And the biggest surprise of them all…

The CORPORATE 2013 collection was secretly released before it was publicly launched on March 1-3 at the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center.

Until the next blog post!