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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


You know, sometimes we get too busy with our work and our life and we get caught up in always moving on to the next big thing. Then life throws us a curve ball and when we don't get that "next big thing", we get frustrated and beat ourselves up because of it.

I have realized today, that we tend to do the "beating ourselves up" part because we haven't taken a long look at how much we have changed over the years. Recently, I guess, I have been working too hard on the fashion line to the point that I feel that my mental capacity has diminished a.k.a. I have lost my mind. (Ha! Haven't we all?) I felt frustrated because as the co-owner of this fashion line, I should always and constantly work on it.

It's not the case, ladies.

After reading a very nice editorial from one of the premiere fashion magazines in the country, I have realized that although our fashion line, Erzullie: Fierce Fashion for Plus Size Ladies has a long life ahead, we really need to take time and look back to how far we have gone. No matter how small the achievement, chances are, you have evolved into something better than you were before.

So take some time today, Erzulliestas. Take time to look back and see how far you have gone and how better you are now than before. This editorial is for you. It features plus size model, Marian Beltran, because recently, I have just met her and wow --- from the shy, unsure girl she has surely grown into this assured, independent young woman that I see today. I love it.

More then&now editorials to come.



P.S. See you girls are the Corporate 2013 launching as well! March 1-3, 2013 (10am-9pm) at the Supersale Bazaar, World Trade Center, Pasay City