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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Let's face it. We are all afraid of criticisms.

"You can't make that model wear sleeveless, she might get bullied when the photos are posted."
"You can't post that, it's too daring and provocative!"
"You can't blog about that, people's feelings will be hurt. You don't want to be perceived as a douche."

Just some samples of criticisms that I give to myself and my decisions. Then there will be some people who will actually exert extra effort to say bad things about you or the things that you do.

"Who would wear your clothes? It's unrealistic!"
"Eww! Your designs are too ugly and slutty!"
"Your models are too thin! Where are the big models?"

- and my personal favorite -

"Your models are TOO BIG! Make them smaller!"

Earlier today, I was about to post the Then & Now III photo and I must admit, I was scared. I was thinking, "What if the Erzulliestas don't like it? What if some moron out there makes fun of my model?" If you should know, I'm very protective of both my Erzulliestas and my models. I really don't like it when someone's mental capacity cannot understand the art that they are making. I know it's too personal, but it's not like Erzullie is a heartless corporation either. We made the fashion line to spread an idea --- Fierce Plus Size Fashion and it will always stay that way --- no matter how many corporations tell me that we will never be professional with what we do.

I will take personal over conforming to anyone's standards any time because Erzullie is personal. It's a woman discovering her fierce and raw power underneath as a plus size woman. It can't be tackled in a "factory" sense. Doing that would be irrational.

I actually did post it and then deleted it. I was scared to death. I know it's a small thing but I actually packed up my things from the office and wanted to run away to somewhere. But then, I have realized I haven't emailed my personal shoppers yet on what they are supposed to do this weekend. So, after dressing up and packing my things, I actually sat down, opened the computer again and did my work.

Then I have realized that I am a coward. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, to the people who thought I was otherwise, it's not true. I'm a coward. But the good thing is that, I have realized this and quickly said, "F*ck this. I'm not going to bend just because a few people out there may not like it. My business is to create art and this is my art and Berna's. If they do not like it, then I can't do anything about that. What I can do though is to focus on the wonderful people that actually connects with me with the art that I am making... THIS IS IT."

Type, type, type .... CLICK.

I have posted it and so far, a lot of Erzulliestas are loving it. Plus Size Model, Khris Guarin, has always served as an inspiration to a lot of Erzulliestas. I'm aware that our plus size fashion line is not everyone's cup of tea, but I celebrate the fact that there are a lot of other women who feels the same about us.

It's not like these people who don't like what we do are wrong either. We just have a different perspective of what's right. I respect their views very much and I also must remember to respect mine. They don't even have to like it. I just have to like it along with the rest of the people who does.

The lesson here is, criticisms, at the end of the day are just words. It gets to you, "yes". You can't stop them "yes". But the important part is that you also have a choice to block them out and keep in touch with the people that actually love your work as is. Always remember the end game. In my case, it's not how many people actually like/dislike our work, but how many plus size woman have we empowered through our designs.

So the question is, ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH to face all the criticisms in the world in exchange to connect with other people who also thinks and feels the same way as you do?

My answer is yes. I don't want to blog like a robot anymore. A whole new breath for Erzullie has arrived. Suck it, FEAR.