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Thursday, March 21, 2013


If there is one thing that Erzullie is known for, it is the wide legged pants. Erzulliestas love both the comfort and effortless chic that it brings. Also it applies more than just one part of their lives. The right solid colored wide legged bottom can transform from day to night, casual to formal, work to party at any time. It can also transfer from one season to another. No wonder Erzulliestas have loved this signature bottom of ours.

Every year, we try to re-invent the wide legged pants. This collection, Corporate 2013, I have added some details that would improve it a little. The pants have a soft tummy control action, while the soft pleat detailing on the front of the abdomen gives it elongation and structure.

So if you are looking for something that would flatter your curves and can translate from almost any part of your life until it is fully exhausted, then by all means get this bottom!

The Corporate 2013 collection is also all about the blazers. I wanted to do something different and for this one. The continuous collar goes from neck down to the hips. This helps balance out the whole body and create that visual hour glass figure. So whether or not you have wide shoulders or hips, this blazer is the right tool to get you into that professional curvy image.

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