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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Recently, if you Google "Erzullie" you will actually see this...

It seems like people have been googling what an "erzulliesta" or "erzulliestas" mean. I remember one customer of mine asking me if it's a sorority and if it is, how can she join? That actually made me giggle.

To be honest, an Erzulliesta is basically what I call the customer/supporter of Erzullie. She is basically the woman that Berna and I design for. She's independent, in all sense of the world, a mind of her own, social, fun, active, fierce and a fashion lover. It actually got elevated and cemented when models, Andrea Ventosa, Loren Monares and Karen Diokno became our models. When I was interviewing them for being a plus size model. I remember that their answer was that they were always big but never saw themselves as one. In a general sense, they actually mean that they were just plus size women who are just the same as other women. It just so happens that they saw Erzullie and they like it. It was at that moment that I knew that --- hey these are my kind of plus size women.

Of course, I could  not deny the fact that my past models --- Katrina Catapia, Jaye Querubin, Kristel Ocampo, Marian Beltran, Jhaki David, Khriselda Guarin and Caroline Perla --- also helped us determine who are the Erzulliestas. All of these women actually helped us define who the Erzulliesta is little by little.

Katrina Catapia taught me that an Erzulliesta is fun loving. Jaye Querubin taught me that an Erzulliesta has a mind of her own and when focused, she will get what she wants when she wants it. Kristel Ocampo taught me that an Erzulliesta is a great woman beside a high quality man. Marian Beltran taught me that an Erzulliesta has an expressive and brave soul. Jhaki David taught me that an Erzulliesta is a social creature and is a career woman. Khriselda Guarin taught me that an Erzulliesta also has a mysterious and fiesty side. Caroline Perla taught me that an Erzulliesta is a woman that works --- really works hard not only for herself but for the people she loves.

In addition to that, as years have passed, the women that I have crossed paths with because of the brand helped me define who the Erzulliesta is. Here are some of the women that really helped shaped the brand (at least for me):

1. Rocky Lim. I can't deny the fact that this woman really --- as in really shaped the brand. When I met Ms. Rocky, I have never met a woman who absolutely has an unspoken authoritative presence. At first, I was a little scared of her but I have realized it's because she's really that powerful. In fact, and this is true --- the reason that there is CORPORATE 2013 is because she was the first woman that actually told us to make one. I couldn't agree more.

2. Azaza Rodriguez. Yes. Our Make Up Arist. However, before she actually became a make-up artist, she was our customer then very close friend. I absolutely love and adore this woman because I must admit, I have learned a lot about fashion because of her. The conversations that we would have at the bazaar about fashion and make up really opened my eyes, not only as a woman, but to the fact that an Erzulliesta is very intellectual even when it comes to fashion.

3. The two sisters. I apologize but I am bad with names however, they know who they are. They are actually 2 sisters that would always buy in our Erzullie events. Both of them are career women and I love their general aura because they are my kind of customers. They are financially independent and they really have their own lives. They taught me that Erzulliestas are financially capable (even going to independent).

Again, these are just some. All of my customers actually helped me define who the Erzulliesta is. That is why, when I design, I always think of where would they be and what event they were going to. It was becoming easier for me to create a story for them and a collection in the process.

So, who are the Erzulliestas? The women who support/love/bought Erzullie. Women who loves and adores fierce plus size fashion. Just so you know girls, we love you. We exist because of you girls and we are thankful for it.

Super love,