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Sunday, March 24, 2013


In case you have missed it, here is the Erzulliesta week in review:

(#1) The last Then&Now Editorial is out! It features plus size model and Erzullie Icon, Loren Monares. See how this model transformed from being a nervous curvy to the smoldering high plus size fashion model that she is today.

(#2) We asked you Erzulliestas what do you think of Erzullie "possibly" being in Rustan's in the future? Yay or Nay? Read more of your sisters in fashion's reactions here. Feel free to put in your respectful and loving two cents in there.

(#3) We are still under the rule of the Corporate 2013 collection. Want to know to whom was this collection dedicated to? Click here for the long and short of it.

(#4) A little explanation on one of the best sellers of the Erzullie Corporate 2013 collection --- the white synthetic wool drop collared blazer. It's also available online should you want to purchase it.

(#5) We know that some Erzulliestas love a good party. If you are looking for something to heat up the first week of your April, here is the "Beach In The City" party to be held in Prime Upscale Clubbing in Tomas Morato. Shake your booty, have a blast and drink (responsibly), ladies!

(#6) 3/4 sleeves in the summer? It's so hot though! Not with this Corporate 2013 top! It's light fabrics will keep you looking office appropriate and cool during these coming tropical days. Click here to view.

(#7) The Erzullie First Look: Resort 2013 event announcement is finally released! This is an exclusive event for all Erzulliestas who want to socialize with their other sisters in fashion and wishes to purchase the Resort 2013 collection before anyone else does. So if you want to attend one of the most glamorous plus size events this summer, we suggest that you get your pre-vites today! Click here to find out more.

(#8) A photo is making rounds in the plus size community. It's also creating a controversy because some say it's obese. Some are saying that it's just right. It's again the battle of whether or not it's plus size or unhealthy. Here in Erzullie though we are tackling the issue in a different perspective. Should we have mannequins that represent the majority of us?

(#9) The Erzullie signature item --- maxi pants had made a comeback this Corporate 2013 collection. It's paired with a new twist on the blazer --- the continuous collar. Click here to view the fabulosity.

(#10) The Erzullie Corporate 2013 collection was featured by blogger, Gellie Abogado. (Thank you again, Miss Gellie!) She also wrote her view about the collection and of course our gorgeous plus size model and Erzullie Icons, Katrina Catapia and Audrey Lee. Congratulations girls!

(#11) SPOT THE ERZULLIESTA! We are very proud of Erzullie Personal Shopper, Apple Pueblo, being featured in Kusina Master. Should you know, she is also a chef! Beauty, brains and curves? Apple has it going.

So that's the week's wrap!