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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Wow! We are now approaching the last half of the year! Aren't you excited for the glamorous opportunities ahead? So many things to look forward to! The much awaited Erzullie Plus Size Model Go see and a plus size bazaar on June, First Look events for both Pre-Holiday and Holiday collections and of course, the much awaited Erzullie Plus Size couture! (Probably a fashion show?)

Anyway, before we go ahead with the future, let's get a little recap of the week shall we?

#1 We start off with a very sexy Erzulliesta Mantra this week: "I deserve a great lover that loves my curves." And why not? These curves are made to be worshiped, caressed and loved!

#2 The Erzullie Pop Shop on May 18, 2013, Saturday (6:00-9:00pm) at the Caffeccino Function Room, Caffeccino, Eastwood City, Quezon City is soooo on! Who has been blogging about it? The great Pinay Curvies --- Extraseksi and Feastful life and we are FOREVER grateful.

#3 Gabi Fresh has released her set of Fatkinis by collaborating with Swimsuits for All. And although many plus size women celebrate, not everyone is happy with the name --- but should we care about it? We share our thoughts about the Fatkini Debate. Spoiler: We care more about the actual physical benefits of the swimsuit than the name itself.

#4 In terms of style, every Erzulliesta is always obsessed with the staples. After all, she knows that true style is all about the dependability of every product in her closet to suit her daily lifestyle and fashion taste. As such, one of the most classic favorites is the basic shorts, whatever kind it is. We shared our thoughts on how adaptable this piece of item is and of course, it's part of our Resort 2013 collection (cough, cough, self-promotion! Cough, cough!) so you can purchase it online or on our upcoming Pop Shop this May 2013.

#5 Inspired by the Met Gala and the fashion runways of Fall 2013, we are happy to report for the edgy-style loving, Erzulliestas, that one of the upcoming fashion trends is being "Pretty in Punk". Don't think that you can pull it off? New to punk style? We dished out some style suggestions on how to try on the "Punk" without looking like you are trying too hard to comply.

#6 We have also released another campaign photo for the Resort 2013 collection. It's Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Kat Lopez, doing her smexy thing on the floor. We can't get tired at looking at this photo. Honestly, how sexy is this? It's an Erzullie classic.

#7 Oh yes! Of course! It's Mother's Day today! Happy Mother's Day, Erzulliestas! And of course, for a style special, we dished out some outfits for some style inspirations that Erzulliesta Mamas are definitely going to enjoy. Presenting: "The Hot Mama Special"

#8 And of course, for those who do not love the Punk style, we have the gentle and timeless florals. Our fashion focus this week is this floral top from the Resort 2013 collection. It's enough to be a statement item and comfortable enough for daily wear.