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Friday, May 3, 2013


You would think that it's all about the fight for the right of the women to have a voice and power in the world. Unfortunately, even in the world of women, there is also a power struggle. At the moment, it seems like the strict standards of beauty is losing its grip to all womanity as more women are now embracing themselves as is and is clamoring for a change in perception and view. 

In a world where the plus size women are just starting to form their voice and strength, we would like to wonder if there are some other curvies that has become successful in doing so? And when they did find their voice and strength, what did they do with it? 

Enter new Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Audrey Lee. This women drew her strength from the inside and uses it to her life's direction to the path of her own definition of success. Read on for her thoughts about how channeling your inner 'alpha female' can help you master, not only your self but your life. 

1. As the Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model of the Erzullie Corporate 2013 collection, what do you think being an “Alpha Female” mean?

Being an Alpha Female means being an independent woman - someone who can make an informed decision quickly, and recognizes the need for assistance when necessary. It does NOT mean you can do everything (though others would trust that you can).

2. With that, working with in a high profile institute, how do you practice this principle of being an Alpha Female?

I work for Asian Institute of Management. It is a graduate management school that has 3 schools: Washington Sycip School of Business, Center for Development Management and Executive Lifelong Learning Center. I work as a Marketing Officer promoting the Master in Development Management program. It is a degree program for development managers and practitioners.

To be working with people with a Masters Degree and/or Doctorate Degree, and to cater for people who are at an executive level from different governments and ministries always requires me to make an informed decision, to speak smart and to be presentable.

3. Do you have any advice of how can any plus size woman become an Alpha Female?

Always be informed. Never stop learning. Be flexible and expand your knowledge. This means to not only be good in your industry or profession, but also learn to do other things. You cannot be independent if you’re not street smart, and you rely on people all the time to do certain things for because you do not know how to do them. The only reason you should ask people to do something for you is when you are already spreading yourself too thinly. Avoid that, and learn to designate assignments.  Never give an assignment or task that you cannot do yourself.

4. In terms of style, what types of clothing do you see an Alpha Female wearing?

Something sexy, but still decent. Pantsuits are always nice to have. But a dress and a pair of high heels that you can wear from office to cocktails would be most suitable and convenient.

5. Aries De Guzman, one of the designers of Erzullie, picked you for this project because she thinks that you imbibe the essence of “Alpha Female” naturally. Do you think that you are an Alpha Female?

I never thought I was an Alpha Female to begin with, until many made me realize that I am. To be confident, in general, I believe is when you do not necessarily listen to everything everyone tells you because first and foremost, you can never please everyone. Just be yourself, because no matter how hard you try to be someone else the true you will always show. Learn and continue learning. Information is good. Always dress appropriately for the occasion and for your body type.  Looking good/ presentable always gives you one step ahead.

6. Speaking of being a plus size model for Erzullie, can we ask you how was your experience as a plus size model and Erzullie Icon?

Prior to Erzullie, I have not modeled for a particular brand. My modeling projects were usually with student photographers who are building their portfolios or doing homework for a class.

The go-see was fun. Meeting new friends and building new networks is always a good. Aries, with her being straight to the point attitude was scary, but it was all good. She was just doing her job on making things go smoothly.

Aries and everyone in Erzullie already trust my capability to begin with that’s why I was invited to the Erzullie go-see. It was only myself that I had to battle with. I was worrying about things that aren’t really there. Such as not being able to deliver exactly what was expected of an Erzullie Icon.

First time modeling for Erzullie was both nerve wrecking and amazing. It’s fun to meet amazing women in the industry who are fabulous in their respective fields of expertise. It was fun. A very different experience, that allowed us women to exercise our creativity and flexibility to adapt to the unexpected changes in the turn of events. I enjoyed dressing up, and putting on make-up. I liked seeing the finish product even better.

Erzullie opened the doors for me to model with other plus size brands. I’d say modeling for Erzullie trains a Plus Size Model to be disciplined and prepared. A Professional.

7. So how did this experience as a representative of the Corporate 2013 collection: Alpha Female, change you as a person?

Modeling has changed the way I see the world around me. I have always been comfortable with my own skin, but modeling gives that boost and reminder that I and all women of different shapes, color and size are beautiful. Sometimes, we need that reminder.