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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In the global world of plus size fashion, there are three groups that are battling it out with regards to the latest (okay not so latest, I waited for things to develop first before I have jumped in) plus size fashion issue --- THE FATKINI by Gabi Fresh for Swimsuits for All brand. The question is, is the term 'fatkini' offensive or not? And the three groups of the debate are: a) it's offensive b) not offensive and of course, c) no one cares.

So what is the big deal about this anyway? The fatkini term was actually coined by the blogger, Gabi Fresh, I think years back when she posted a photo of her in a two piece bikini. This is basically what she calls a plus size two piece swimsuit. Some people embraced it, while others thought differently.

For those that did embrace it, they find the term empowering. It's about being proud of your size, in this situation, being fat, and it's a new catchy term that the plus size community can use (like Destiny's Child's "bootylicious!"). For those that did not like it, well they think that it is demeaning. After all, it is just a bikini. Why place the word "fat" with it? The bikinis for regular size people are not coining it 'thinkini'. Their view is that it's just discriminatory.

Personally for me, I think that people are missing the real story here, which is a blogger collaborating with an ultra cool brand to release plus size swimsuits . Regardless of what it is called, I think that people should focus more on the actual benefits of the clothes that it can bring to numerous women out there, rather than obsess with the name. After all, at the end of the day, when you do buy it, no one will actually want to ask what it is called. Most probably they will just wonder where did you get it and whether or not it looks good on you.

How about you? Do you think that there is a power in the name and should it be changed or are you just happy that there is a swimsuit out there that you can purchase for yourself?