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Friday, June 7, 2013


It is almost a week before the Fierce+Flaunt Plus Size Shopping event. And as we have said we are releasing our Pre-Holiday 2013 collection there. We know that we have released a little teaser on one of the inspirations of the collection (but definitely not the main).

Yesterday, we have celebrated Berna's birthday the way that she wanted it --- doing what she loves the most! And what is that we might add? Working on Erzullie. Producing it to be precise.

A lot of people have this idea that having a fashion line is a very glamorous life. It is in a way. I believe every job has its own level of glamor. But, behind the production of a fabulous fierce plus size fashion line is the hardworking, nitty, gritty stuff. We have a small humble office for Erzullie, where all of the production happens.

I must admit, I am personally proud of this achievement because it took us almost 3 years to get here. We used to go to different production sites and support various nanays to make the line happen. But with your support for all these years, we were able to have our own place. This way, we can make the quality higher and the designs more personal.

I know. A lot of jibber jabber for a set of photos.

Anyway, super love to everyone! Just wanted to share some production photos that you girls helped us made possible.