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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In spirit of Pinay Curvies' All White blog link up challenge, we would like to write an article about how to rock the "All White Ensemble".

I'll be honest. Erzullie has not showcased an all white ensemble yet (so far), but you can see a few white accents every now and then. Also, we will have to admit that wearing white can be a little taxing. Specially if you are a commuter, white is really going to be a challenge as an outfit. You don't want to end up having a lot of stains before you go to the office or even when you are about to go home and obviously, white is not as stain resistant as we want it to be (of course, it depends on the fabric).

But this will not get us disheartened to dare to wear such an ensemble, yes?

So as a Wednesday Wear Special, here are some tips on how to wear the All White Ensemble:

1. Get a long outerwear that you can put on when you go to work and when you get home.

Think of it as plastic cover for your book to make it last longer looking fresh and unused. Same concept.

2. Bring a back up just in case of accidental spills.

If you are like me, a woman that seems to have a bad karma every time she wears something light in color (there is always an accidental spill), then you better bring a back up when you rock this outfit.

3. Go for the excess of white access!

If you want to go for the all white but is still scared of all the responsibility it entails, how about having an all white accessory ensemble? The great thing about it is that you can go as wild with the print or bold in color for your main clothing but let the accessories accent and amplify the style of it all.

Hope this helps you get some inspirations! We also made a pinterest board about it. Click here