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Saturday, July 27, 2013


What I love about an Erzulliesta is the way that she is able to do all her responsibilities with full poise and grace. An example would be the lovable Erzullie Icon, Khriselda Guarin (it has been a long time). This career woman has been moving since the get go and all obstacles that she has faced has always been conquered! 

And what better way than to celebrate with a fresh new wardrobe? For this Saturday Style, we present to you a photo of Erzullie Icon, Khriselda Guarin, wearing the latest Resort 2013 floral top paired with Erzullie's Holiday 2012 semi-girdle effect skirt. This was during the SuperSale Bazaar, June 2013. So what is the style tip here? Style balance! When you wear something loose on top, wear something tight underneath. This way, you won't get too lost on the loose clothing. Oh wait, there is an article for that. 

I remembered that she mentioned that this was her reward for herself, and I love a woman that knows when to give herself one! You should too! Even if it's just shopping for something new, eating a food that you love or giving yourself some time. WORKING WOMEN deserve rest. It is not the relentless ability of how one can keep up with everything that makes a woman powerful, it is about a woman balancing everything effectively without diminishing ourselves in the end.