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Friday, July 19, 2013


It's that time of the year again ladies.

That time of the year where I get sentimental because this is the night before the photoshoot. One would think that since we have been doing this for almost 3 years, we would be hustlers about it right now. But well, every fashion shoot is different. We, (Erzullie team) always work towards making things better and fiercer than before. We always look for new angles in glamorizing the image of a fierce plus size woman. So we usually plan this months (at least) or a year before to make sure that all ideas are original and should it become a trend by this time, it's purely coincidence.

The shoot that will be happening tomorrow is also special. Not only is it the first shoot for our first ever demi-couture collection, but it will also be the 3rd year anniversary shoot as well (to be released by November, of course). Wow. 3 years. THREE YEARS. And they said that we won't be able to last a year with our idea. Wow.

I would like to think that we were lucky to have found you girls (Erzulliestas). It is because of you that we stand strong as a brand and every year we become bigger and better. Your constant support of our business through buying and shopping our styles, attending our events and sharing your fierce secret to our other "unawakened" fashion sisters is one of the reasons as to why we exist today. And with that, we would like to thank you.

So... thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. What are my thoughts for this upcoming shoot for the Pre-Holiday 2013? I am actually excited. As you all know here in Erzullie it's either we go minimalist in color or go all out with the rainbow. I think for once, since the first season began, we just had the right amount of color in our collection to delight you ladies. Judging by the sold out styles of the collection last public launch, we definitely got the message that you girls loved it! So again, thank you!

And also, this year, as I have mentioned before, Berna is the head designer. This season of Pre-Holiday 2013, I have also "hinted" that she has produced a collection that is the new 'dress code' of plus size fashion. A lot of the Erzulliestas thought it was because of the bar code like print on the collection, which is partially true, but the 'new dress code' was mainly that we are encouraging Erzulliestas, for this half of the year, to dress seductively in a sophisticated way.

We all know that every Erzulliesta has an inner seductive lady within her. She has that inner animalistic pull that any being caught into it cannot resist. And as so, this Pre-Holiday 2013 collection is all about that --- the seductive sophisticate. Hopefully, again, we are able to pull it off by tomorrow. If everything goes well (as it usually does), we would be making some local plus size fashion history (if I got my facts right).

Finally, the 3rd year anniversary shoot. Last year, it was really just a whim kind of thing. I wanted to do something that I haven't seen done with local plus size fashion/models. I wanted to do something daring and tasteful at the same time. I think a lot of people both got shocked and 'awed' about the whole thing. We received a lot of positive feedback about it.

What I did not realize though is that it was the summation of the year it is celebrating. Last year, it was all about Erzullie maturing from a young indie brand and now into a more mature (still indie) brand. We have refined our design tastes and well, we are getting there in terms of a more sophisticated and fierce look (if I may say).

This year, I have realized we have a lot of 'new' things and our collections, so far, has leveled up in terms of its quality and as well as its own style. After a successful (maiden) corporate collection, an opulent Resort wear, a seductive and sophisticated Pre-Holiday demi-couture showcase, and also new Erzullie Icons (Kat Lopez and Audrey Lee) it was just right that our 3rd year anniversary would be called "New Breed/Breath". It's all about giving a whole new life to the brand, not only revitalizing it, but leveling up as well in terms of design and visual aesthetics. It's also about the brand, vowing, to be the new 'breed' of local plus size fashion lines. Sure we have a long way to go, but well for now, in comparison to the old ways that we have handled it, we have definitely become better.

My thoughts can go on really. I must admit that it took us days before we finally pinned down the looks and styling. Even until now we are still trying to cover the basis. Just to make sure. But well, I guess this should do for now.

Wish us SUPER AMAZING, GARGANTUAN, GOOD luck, Erzulliestas. You girls are amazing and we hope that the efforts of tomorrow will bring you amazing happiness in the future.