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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Happy Tuesday, Erzulliestas!

The local plus size blog-o-sphere is buzzing with new plus size bloggers almost daily. We wanted to share with you some plus size fashion bloggers that we have discovered that you girls might enjoy too. If you want something fresh and new, here is our list: (this is just partial)

1. Feastful Life

She auditioned for The Next Erzullie Icon last year, but before that, we already met her in the First Look of Erzullie. Think Gabi Fresh meets eastern style sensibilities. You can never go wrong in finding some plus size style inspiration from this brains and beauty!

Outfit we love the most (so far): This hard to pull off gold sequin dress.

2. Extraseksi

I initially fell in love with this blog more for its travel posts, but we can't deny that this plus size blog was also meant to share some realistic, city chic-office friendly styles that you can try on for yourself. Plus Size blogger, Lornadahl Campilan, shows you some beauty and casual chic looks that you will definitely love.

There is something raw and real about this blog. It's as near to actual fashion as you can get for plus size women.

Outfit we love the most (so far): This 1920's inspired white ensemble!

3. So Gelleesh

Okay. So maybe this one a lot of you girls know already, but to those who still have not heard, you better check this one out. For the make up lovers and beauty passionistas, this blog is for you. This provides you with almost daily fresh beauty and fashion posts with a hint of some plus size life perspective from time to time.

Outfit we love the most (so far): This young and fresh neon blue/pink ensemble.

4. The Belated Bloomer

If I got this correctly, this already has a massive following. I actually love stalking this blog from time to time as her city chic style and the premise of the blog (she just recently started experimenting with fashion) is very entertaining for me.

What I love about this blog is that it is plus size fashion that is really ultra chic and glam but you know that the outfit can really be applied to daily life. (Let's admit it, there are some OOTD posts out there that we can't go out with, not unless we want to be harmed on the streets.) Also, I love the travel post crosses with style. So if you are looking for some jet setting style, The Belated Bloomer got you covered.

Outfit we love the most (so far): This Goddess-y blue and gold number.

5. Prodigy Of The Odds

Now, this is definitely one of my favorites. Although in my own personal wish, I wish it was updated daily (hehe request!) if you want to see some edgy, street, brave and trendy plus size style, then this blog is for you. Maintained by Monica Reyes, she also, was one of the finalist of last years The Next Erzullie Icon search.

I fell in love with this blog because these are styles that even I could not think about. It is definitely fresh and creative and her body shape, I think, a lot of plus size women can relate to. If you want to dress your really curvy body, you better visit this plus size style blog today.

Outfit we love the most (so far): This blue top with printed (semi-loose) pants and yellow studded flats.