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Monday, July 8, 2013


The search for The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 (#TNEI2013) is on! And to give our applicants a little heads up on what they might be experiencing, I have asked our current featured Erzullie Icons for their thoughts on the matter --- from applications down to being selected.

And of course, who would be the best to ask but one of our longest running Erzullie Icon, Loren Monares! Here are some of her thoughts with regards the #TNEI2013:

On sending your application: 

Double, or I must say, triple check your application before submitting it. Make sure you provide all the necessary requirements and most importantly follow instructions. As simple as formatting because this will create an impression on how accurate you are in responding to directions which is important in modeling.

On creating a portfolio:

Let your creative mind work for you. Remember, this is your marketing tool. This should be able to sell your beauty and skills.

On the plus size model go see proper:

Come in conditioned and prepared. It's always good to take enough sleep and eat healthy food to gear you up for the go see.

On being interviewed by the designers:

Speak your heart out. Nothing beats the the sincerity of your answers. Also, make sure you did your homework of knowing the brand you are applying for.

On being selected as an Erzullie Icon:

It's a responsibility that you are taking. By being an icon means you have to live the values and the advocacy it is driving.