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Monday, July 29, 2013


Well all the Icons chimed in on the matter. We thought that Berna and I should also give some as well, given that we will be your client (among the thousands of Erzulliestas). We hope that you girls will get some nuggets of wisdom from it should you apply for The Next Erzullie Icon Search 2013 (#TNEI2013). Btw, super thank you for those that already did apply. We really appreciate it!

On sending your application: 

Aries: We receive a lot of applications but it usually gets cut in half (or more) because of technicalities. I like being fair to everyone with regards to following the right and required model applications for #TNEI2013. So to be fair with those who went out of their way to follow it, we immediately eliminate all those who did not. 

Berna: Si Aries ang nagscreen lahat ng application for technicalities. Very rigid siya sa ganun. So, sa ganito, mas maganda kung follow niyo na lang ang instructions ng buo. (Aries is the one who screens all applications for technicalities. She is very rigid. So with this, it's better if you girls just follow the instructions fully.)

On creating a portfolio: 

Aries: A portfolio is the representation of your work and how you want to be treated. If you want to be a professional ANYTHING, then present a portfolio that represents that. I also like diverse portfolios. It can definitely show the model's skills. 

Berna: I like professional portfolios because it is clearer and I can see the model better. Hindi okay sa akin yung mga selfies or obvious na pang facebook lang yung photo. (Selfies are not okay with me or the ones that is obviously meant for facebook only.)

On the plus size model go see proper: 

Aries: Be professional and polite. No plastics allowed. We have a way of sensing that. Also, we suggest that since you know the brand, you have to mold your portfolio to what you think and know we are looking for. 

Berna: Gusto ko on time ang model para sa go-see. (I want the model to be on time for the go-see)

On being interviewed by the designers: 

Aries: You have to know the brand as a whole. Ultimately, we are looking for The Next Erzullie Icon and not just a plus size model. An Erzullie Icon is a natural representation of the brand. As such, she must know (almost) EVERYTHING about the brand.

Berna: Speak up clearly and be yourself. We need real and authentic confident plus size women whatever that interpretation may be. 

On being selected as an Erzullie Icon: 

Aries: Being an Erzullie Icon is a FULL TIME JOB (in a way). It goes way beyond the photo shoot. It is more than just photos or runways. It is also not about being a CELEBRITY or BEING FAMOUS. It is about being the representative of the REST OF THE FIERCE PLUS SIZE FASHIONISTAS out there a.k.a. ERZULLIESTAS. As such, once an Erzullie Icon, you cannot turn it off, you are one of the representations of what being an Erzulliesta is.

Berna: We want someone that really supports the brand naturally and promotes it at the same time without us asking. Ultimately, we are a family. So we really need sincere and authentic people that want to be part of it.