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Monday, July 15, 2013


Newly inducted and current, Erzullie Icon, Kat Lopez is sharing her thoughts, tips and tricks for the upcoming applicants of The Next Erzullie Icon Search 2013. As one of the successful applicants of TNEI last year, we thought that you girls may be intrigued on some of the lessons that she has learned along the way.

On sending your application:

Do follow instructions. Aries and Berna are mighty strict concerning that one. It’s a reflection they say of the applicant's professionalism.

On creating a portfolio:

Use well lighted studio or outdoor pictures. I did not opt to put selfies in mine because even if the angle is very flattering in a selfie, it's very unnatural (distorted even).

On the plus size model go see proper:

Come on time, and socialize with the other applicants. Not just because meeting new friends is fun but because lets face it, we are a growing community with a social stand that when banded together, have the potential to inspire thousands.

Wear clothes that show your figure. I wore a loose top during the go see and aries and berna had to let me tuck it in tightly.

On being interviewed by the designers:

Keep answers short sweet and direct to the point.

Get ready with your poses!

On being selected as an Erzullie Icon:

Celebrate! You'll be having lots of fabulous pictures soon!

Even if the job is lenient in terms of size and shape, i think its still important to keep fit. Good nutrition and sleep will show on your face, and you need the strength and flexibility to pull of certain poses for extended periods of time. Work on your core since you'll be wearing heels all the time.

Practice posing! Youtube plus size models behind the scenes helped a lot! Check out behind the scenes videos of Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Kelsey Olson and Fluvia Lacerda.